Rick Genest

A young man in the picture I first saw I think most of you in the video Lady Gaga «Born this way». I was surprised by the fact that in contrast to the singer, her partner was not in makeup. Present to you the amazing and inspiring story of 25-year-old Rick Dzhenesta, also known as Rico and Zombie Boy, who dedicated his life to making your body look like a decaying corpse, and suddenly found himself became a rising star in the fashion industry.

Rico was born in Montreal (Canada) in a very conservative family. Out of respect for his parents he waited for his sixteenth birthday before making a first tattoo. After high school, left home. However, obsessed with his conversion only when he was 21. Dzhenest spent not less than 7000 dollars to completely cover the head and torso tattoos. For the recognition of his tattoo artist, was the most painful tattooing nose.

Before and after:

Until January of this year Dzhenest wandered around Montreal, being homeless, and took up any work from window cleaning to the pleadings in a freak show, to pay for the next tattoo. In March 2010, was created fan page Rico on Facebook, which currently has already 1, 5 million users.

FEYSBUK Dzhenest obliged to dramatic changes in their lives, because that is where he found a stylist and author of the most provocative outfits Lady Gaga, as well as the creative director, responsible for the revival of the French fashion label Thierry Mugler - Nicola Formichetti. As he said later, Rico picture hung on his wall for a long time. He saw it somewhere in Google, but thought that was captured on it only a first-class makeup for Halloween. Having learned later about who is actually depicted in the photo from one tattoo, Formichetti immediately contacted Dzhenestom and invited him to become the face of his debut collection for Mugler.

Designer Dzhenesta proclaimed his muse, and in a fit of inspiration radically changed the entire collection, which up to this acquaintance was a quite traditional classic suits with shirts, making it more dark and gothic.

On the eve of Fashion Week in Paris, at Dzhenesta any problems with the flight to France. As it turned out, he had amassed a myriad of unpaid fines for living on the street. And Rico did not want to admit it, only saying, "I am not a criminal, I'm not a criminal, I'm not a criminal." Formichetti had such faith in this guy that he personally paid the full amount that was 10-20 thousand dollars.

With Dzhessikoy Stam on show Mugler

Hard times for Dzhenesta left behind. Now it is already running a staff of managers and agents, he signed a contract for the contract, and plans to cover the entire body with tattoos, because lack of money does not stop it anymore. And besides, Rico dreams of his own freak show. After all, in combination with the zombies, he is also a fakir eater every connoisseur of abominations and other unusual circus arts. Having a lot of fans around the world, on the question of whether he has a girl or guy Dzhenest, enigmatically smiling, replied that the relationship overrated.

But the most amazing thing about him is that by looking at the pictures, we can expect that Rico - crazy, totally inappropriate person with whom few people will find something in common. However, in an interview he reveals himself completely with the other hand - as the most normal, polite, pleasant, well-mannered guy with a sense of humor, a clear mind and rational reasoning, which has seen a lot in life. Mom thinks Rico quiet boy and says he sensitive and loving son and a wonderful big brother to her children, who have chosen the life of a more traditional way. The family all take Rico the way it is. And he, in turn, believes that the most important thing in life - respect the family, friends and loved ones.

Although how you feel about his beliefs and appearance, I think Rick Dzhenesta everyone has something to learn, and in particular how to be myself, despite the pressures of the world how to live, first of all, by their own rules and do not change their aspirations.


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