Non-standard models at the show Rick Owens Fall-Winter 2014 in Paris

For the second consecutive year, the eccentric designer Rick Owens does not lead to the podium professional models. The last time the audience captivated team of African-American dancers tap dance. The show turned into a spectacular show, which was accompanied by a musical number and brilliant performance.

Rick Owens, S / S 2014

Rick Owens, S / S 2014

This time the show clothes from the new collection, he invited his close friends - his assistant Ashu controlling Parisian boutique brand - Barbara and two "veterans" of modeling - Haneloru Knuts and Kirsten Ouven.

Rick Owens, A / W 2014

Such experiments are alien to the modern fashion-industry. Opponents nonprofessional models believe that the beauty of ordinary women would distract experts from products that are presented on the catwalk. The second argument of the critics is that the products look better on high hudyshku than women with standard parameters. However, due to such a bold design solutions, standards of fashion-industry can begin to change today.


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