Top 10 physically modified people

10. Man-Leopard 21,732,971

Crazy or not, 67-year-old Tom Leppard (Tom leppard) looks very satisfied with their lives on the Isle of Skye. 99% of his body covered with tattoos. He spends his days reading, scampering on all fours like a leopard and staying away from the hustle and bustle of modern society. For a man who looks as if he just took another mud bath, it seems quite pleasant ... 9. Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont (Etienne Dumont) - literary critic who lives in Geneva, is covered from head to foot complex pattern tattoo. He also has silicon implants under the skin which give the horned appearance. Inch rings in his ears and under his lower lip, and large round glasses - the perfect complement to the book in the style of horror. 8. Rick Genest 9,020,901

And you let her daughter marry Genesta Rick (Rick Genest)? I am sure that he will most likely a good family man, but without a doubt the scariest person in the city. On the Internet a little information about Mr. Genneste (and you're not afraid to interview him?) But we see that the tattoos were made in Montreal very professionally. 7. The Illustrated Lady 63,544,186

Yulia midges (Julia Gnuse) (aka female illustration) was born with a terrible skin disease called porphyria. To hide the traces of the disease women gradually began to put tattoos on the skin. After 10 years of tattooing, it is considered the most tattooed woman in the world. 6. Elaine Davidson

A native Brazilian Elaine Davidson can be proud of its 2500 tattoos and piercings. 3 kilograms of extra weight on your face - this is no joke. Now living in Edinburgh and claims that she is afraid to return home to Brazil, where it may be long and hard to beat for this appearance. 5. Kala Kaiwi 64,020,264

Body Kawai Kala (Kala Kaiwi) covered 75% tattoos and piercings probably for the purpose of advertising his own studio in Hawaii. He certainly enjoys his menacing look. Indeed, sliced ​​tongue, horns and silicone implants navryadli help him get a job in kindergarten. 4. Pauly Unstoppable 15,810,289

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