Abandon hope all ye who enter here ...

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"He did not know, and had no idea even could not imagine that ..." - it's such a classic exposition on the basis of the teaser.
Or, in normal human language - and a certain element of the puzzle mystery with a vague and indistinct hint of the possibility of obtaining a response in the future.
This is the most favorite and popular writer move to send them (writers) to the urgent needs of the outpouring (as text) the contents of the various, not always very clean and tidy, their confusion over the shower ...
What are they called and after - "building plot" ... calmly and majestically commercials - in communion with the other, not "their", not with the writers.
We scribblers like myself, the people with manna and epistolary writer's itch ... Sure where all these intellectual perverts without the right of pardon and the slightest chance of a cure ... they all have their head goose, with everyone - its own subspecies.
And they love it!
Ridden readers around the ditches and the twists and turns of this story; make him sweat for a couple of times, and even had a good cry - spit on the burnt scrambled eggs on a plate and cooled down a couple of hours ago, tea in the kitchen; zaterzal to kill or semiconscious state vague ending, after which the happy owner just read a book and the roof goes in the head with a hammer has only one thought: "how, how very painful way, to destroy the author and quickly!"; force afraid to turn the page of panic over the fate of the protagonist, who's right now and "did not know, and had no idea could not even ...", and more to finish off his ... - shorter! - The creation of just such charms is the main buzz schelkopёra.
This is his happiness ... multiplied by the fee. Well, this is the second time ... and needless to say - you understand.

Inspiration is a drug, and a total understanding and impact forces created - abstinence ...
But what is it sweet !!!

Planting on this potion is fraught with radical changes in life.
And I have often noticed that the power rests in his courage, based on the skilful possession of tools and techniques authorship. Without persistent and constant practice is simply not enough. Take three thousand marks a day for months, without a break, and you - at least a carcass, even stuffed - but learn to write ...
And even be able to feel that same "break-up" of which I have above so intoxicated by broadcast.
It turns out that this is a common denominator - the practice.
If your drug is the sale of private homes and country Nedviga as one of my friend - his name is Alex and he Urals - do not buy a house with him, when he his "writes," is almost impossible. He's that "story" to the surface will give such there is navstavlyaet and so masterfully ... even if not a house, it really land you still have to buy.
"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here ..." - this is the state of one who got into prehensile legs inspired pros, ward or as a client. I would even say that there was very lucky. And hope it is simple and does not need already - he just get his!

For the very same master holds the other line: "Leave and faith just looking into the distance ...»
And why, in fact, his faith?
When there is understanding, courage and ability!

Victor Hudson



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