The Road to Hell

- Can I ??

In my personal ranking "the most stupid questions of all time," this here takes the top line ...
With a large margin in this and that from the other list.

Unless, of course, it is a sincere question ... topical and urgent. But not for the "etiquette." Or hypocritically polite "muzzle face" in a slippery situation. Questions asked by the modern savage, before the "drop" their victim in public, cowardly polite Podkolodnaya style attacks on the Capital intriguing by the media. As it polyublyaet zhurnalyugi, especially on live broadcasts and talk shows ...
Strange, indeed, the question.
In my opinion, if you have to - and then you can!
And doubt is able to see, a lot and says a lot ... all by itself. At the same time and on the human environment, and its difficulties. And the life of a man, too, says ....
According to it, the steamroller of life has already passed. While he slept, or there is still that, instead of something to himself his life to roll in any conscious direction.
And no matter where! - Most importantly, to the CAM.

I hasten to clarify, "should" - is not the bank ... or percentages should vote "for", for example, because someone said so, and argued - the guts ...
Should - is when something right think for themselves binding.

But what about the many who want to give the man his personal debt on a silver platter! And since its early childhood.
 - You have to behave well ...
 - You have to be obedient child ...
 - You have to study hard ...
 - You have to go to this institution ...
 - You must be the pride of the family ...
 - We're all counting on you so you ...
Well, the rest of the song, with its endless chorus.
On the way in there ... or - as in the title of this article.
But it is not only limited to your family, right? There is school, work, friends, parties and all sorts of commands - and so on and so on ... and all of you in the circle of anything but has to. And so the coach - are trained almost - virtually everyone, but why?

This question - "Why?" - Also the first number in my rating, but in the other. It is very much clear everything he puts into place, especially if you ask him for a long time. Up until not get a clear answer. The truth is it sometimes so tired to ask, but necessary ... especially when officials or politicians. And other such - "the whole head," the public.
I'm still a child, or where he heard, or read where (and I do not remember exactly), that a man in his earthly life MUST (!?!): Plant a tree, raise a son and build a house.
I was impressed then.
An indelible.
Dumb his categorical and arrogant authoritarianism Behold thou shalt - and everything !!!
And why?
What actually me this nice little naborchik? For what? This is - the meaning of my existence on this my life? I make a plan - and retire?
Yes, why on earth !?

Yes, a number of trees planted, I did ... and the children God does not hurt - they have four, while ...
But, dammit! This is not for the same reason that someone and once issued the above origination, and I foolishly took it as a program for action and started to rivet offspring in combination with greenery!
And the house ... too.
Given that real estate - is the field of application of my skills, I have in mind was not such a categorical obyazona (forgive me my slang) - urgently and always buy land and fund a series of inspirational supporters and participants in the construction of country houses

I usually just did what he wanted. What he loved and what he could. What is important and valuable for themselves that the desired number ... thought. From what a joy and pleasure to receive - and the process and of the outcome!
See. Children)))
So the idea to buy a home, build a well or I have only recently matured. When I realized that the house such as I want to, you can build not only on the "historic homeland" - she was too in this regard we have "historical" - and there where I want. And such a person like me.
Here all the questions and have disappeared - weird and unnecessary.

There was one question ...

 - How do I do this?

Victor Hudson

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Businessman, analyst, writer and netmen



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