Placebo effect"

Probably one of the funniest and paradoxical anecdotes for me (and I know a lot of them) was - and left an indelible mark on their first impression - this, in a series of "Petka and Vasily Ivanovich." In which Petya complained to his mustachioed commander of pain in the head and diarrhea ... The division commander quickly solved the problem - he drew from some hefty pill, broke it in two, and gave both his adjutant with the words:

 - Here, Petka!
This is for you from the head, and this - from the train ... s.
And see me! - Do not mix!
I agree - the humor here is simple to ugliness and heavy, like a blow on the head with a log ... but he is just as murderous. When I first learned about the principle of "placebo", it immediately reminded himself anecdote, and his impression of him.
Placebo - is "empty" tablet. It contains no drugs or effective components in its content of an object that looks like a "real", and such and issued.
A man give a drug that looks cool, but nothing more than filler, for example, chalk does not contain. And it serves as a super-cure for his ailments - the newest, not yet released widely, experimental, etc. etc. - He himself believes, accepts it and is recovering.

The trick as old as the world and effective as the same log-kick. Why? Because so (though not quite correctly) runs the only really functioning mechanism, which alone can change the status of the person. And, for that matter, and not only him but also his entourage ...
This is the power of this man, his confidence and his intention that more and have a "physical" proof of a specific material object. Although it is obvious that the role of this placebo - only symbols. To create confidence in achieving results.

Always fun to see how this trick is used especially gifted geeks in sales. Everything, anything, and with a variety of objectives. No exception and the sale of private homes, or - more precisely - sale and construction of holiday homes abroad for Russians. My direct theme in one glorious project. Russian people at home in the Sahara do not offer now ... though there may already suggest - do not know. Probably yes, because to buy land on the moon has long been possible, and it really do! Can you imagine how much there is on the Moon (not to mention - somewhere on the surface of the earth-mother), from really useful and valuable for the construction of a country house there, and how many - from placebo ?! It offers the people - a scam ... to the point of idiocy that is quite obvious.
And sell something, all right, let me ... but their own and buy !!!

I can not wait here, and when I offer buy a cottage on Venus or Mars.
I do not buy, of course. But that just seems to me that in this case will be the same and those who are here at this "placebo" find for themselves reasons to stick to their money.

However, where only just did not put their money if they are unnecessary and impede sleep.
And in that only ...

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