Food advertising

Advertising - the motor trade, which is constantly changing and offering more and more creative solutions. But comparing the advertising image of the product and its real kind we often disappointed, because the species is really not pleasant. That there is too little stuffing (which often happens), if not the product resembles an object invasions of mice. For some reason I did not go into comparisons bought things and their advertising prototypes, although it would be necessary. We both want to make a fool of, but we are pleased to be deceived ...

Take a look at the difference between the type of product by advertising its "true nature." From this difference would be desirable to narrow eyes and say, "Yes, it is not so!", But it's true, and most of us are victims of advertisers.

It looks very neappetitnenko ...

I love this Kinder, but the view from this sweetness is really fundamentally different and very different from that on the wrapper.

Fillings with gulkin nose ...

Buee ... Guys, well, why are you?

Food for the nebrezglivyh!

Differing only in color. Not bad!

Marmalade cat laugh

Khokhloma patterns blurred ...

I do not recommend eating a "meal" may be indigestion.

Two adherent misunderstandings

And what a beauty on the package is called a "check it out and compareĀ».

But to compare photos of our Soviet advertising without any frills. Clearly, simple and clear.


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