Ukrainian elf

Ugly model ... A few years ago, when on the catwalks and in the pages of glossy magazines dominated graceful fairy with angelic features, such as Heidi Klum, this concept seemed impossible. How the model can be ugly, that you - she's mo-del, that is, the model looks for other women, it is necessary to be models like rich men, etc., etc. But in recent years, everything has been turned upside down. The most highly paid models - Gisele Bundchen, Lara Stone, Sasha Pivovarova, which is not exactly classic beauties call. Their non-standard appearance made him a name - stylists have seen in Sherbinka Stone flavor, in a nondescript Bundchen - special fascination. I'm not going to, as they say, "drive" on them, God forbid, just stating a fact - the very concept of beauty out of the model of the world. In the first place among the qualities a model out of the box.

Appearance Model Masha tive to the standard canons of beauty does not fit. But it is one of the most popular and promising models of Slavic origin, appeared on the podium at things from Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Dries Van Noten and YSL. QED)

21-year-old Masha called "Ukrainian elf" for her huge blue eyes. Until 2007, about her almost no one knew she was finishing school in Kharkov and was about to enter a university. But (again, the same story is typical of the vast majority of models) - the coach noticed her modeling agency. On the covers of Ukrainian Glyantsev Masha did not appear - she "jumped" this stage, going directly to Paris. There thin girl with eyes like saucers took the turnover of photographers. A few photo shoots - and Europe have gasped and sighed at the sight of a new Slavic miracle

IMHO: Masha has a lot in common with Lara Stone. Tu also constantly referred to as "nekrasavitsa" but nevertheless, thousands of models around the world dream to snatch at least a piece of its popularity. Masha, alas, much has been behind (from her elven face photographers squeezed, they could), but I think it will be a few more years to participate in fashion shows and earn good money - I do it sincerely wish. Because, firstly, it is my compatriot, and secondly, its eyes remind me of my cat's eyes when he sees something interesting))) Very large eyes, just bottomless. But who says that's bad)


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