How to entertain yourself in an elevator?

1. Tell the passengers as you once got stuck in the elevator and sat there for 12 hours until help arrived
2. Grasp the head in his hands and exclaim: "Oh, shut up you idiots!»

3. whistler anthem of the Soviet Union

4. Crack open your bag and go looking furtively ask:
"Well, enough air?»

5. Stand silently, turning face in the corner and do not leave

6. Greet everyone entering the elevator friendly handshake and ask to call you Admiral

7. When typed in the car, at least 8 people, covering her mouth with her hands, bending and grabbing people shout: "Not now, again, damn ... always tears in the elevator!»

8. From time to time meow

9. Offer $ 100 to anyone who shove and take out the bulb from the mouth

10. Suchite feet, saying: "Hurry, hurry, hurry." Then sorry breath and say, "Too late!»

11. Show everyone your sore and ask: "Do you think it's contagious?»

12. Put it in his pocket something weighty (by type pistol) and periodically to pat him

13. Log in with some container with the words "human body - head»

14. intently stare at another passenger, then say:
"Oh, you're one of THEM!" And defiantly go into the far corner of the elevator.

15. When it becomes quiet, look around the circle and ask: "This is not your pager?»

16. Listen to the elevator walls with a stethoscope

17. Draw a little square on the floor and say that this is your place

18. Declare all demonic voice: "I have to move into a more appropriate body»

19. Consider other passengers with binoculars


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