How to clean a CD?

Let rare, but we have to run the old disk with photos or favorite videos. What should I do if the drive is too old or dirty?
1. From the collected dust can be overcome by wiping with a soft cloth. This is necessary to move from the center to the rim of the disk along the radius, and not vice versa. Do not wipe the CD / DVD in a circular motion, since circular scratches left are more difficult to correct.

2. Preferably another way to get rid of dust: with a jet of air from a special canister sold in stores, to dust off the surface of the disc.

3. To remove fingerprints or dirt to wipe the surface of the disc soaked with denatured (ethyl or isopropyl) alcohol with a soft cloth and then wipe dry with a drive and radial movements.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that kerosene, acetone, benzene, thinner, nail polish and other petroleum-based solvents are not suitable for cleaning CD / DVD drives. These solvents can dissolve the disc surface to make it turbid, resulting in unsuitability storage medium and reading information. Use only the alcohol solvents.


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