Relax like a cat? 6 Ways purring therapy.

1. Leave the self-criticism and discontent. Have you ever seen a cat experiencing negative about their appearance or stupid, she periodically allow yourself to make? You already have all the features and body parts for adoration and licking with pleasure.

2. Stop be exhausted. Cat runs only in case of a real threat to life, seeing a dog or a master's broom. Cat pounces on prey only when hungry or her unbearably boring. The cat jumps if it is justified need to diversify lying lifestyle. So stop fussing nervously, and even in acute situations - stretch, yawn and go for a 15 minute side.

3. Stop, take a break. Zazhmurte eyes and feel his presence "here and now". Cats - the real connoisseurs of meditation. If you listen, their rumbling easily disassembled universal "OM". After regular practice you will learn to stop the circulation of ideas and be able to assess the situation philosophically.

4. Locate the territory. Cats love to hide in secluded places. It is not clear what they were doing - maybe licking their wounds, can reflect on the meaning of life. But uniquely personal space, where you can hide from prying enables to recover, to calm down and think about everything peacefully.

5. Give yourself a hug. How long have you pat on the head, neck scratched, rubbed the back? Let others take care of you. Here cats are able to hint when it's time for mutual affection. They pay attention to the owner, pressed rub and perform actions such as ritual.

6. Be thankful to all that surrounds you. Cats are fun from the fact that under the paw or in their field of vision. For the active busy life suitable furniture, newspapers, slippers and a lot of pleasant things that make them happy. That cats can learn to appreciate the present, not bothered experienced past and an uncertain future.


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