How to survive in a free-falling elevator car. It is important to know!

Imagine the situation: you went to the elevator, in order to go down, and it suddenly starts to fall down ... terrible dream come true! Do you have no time to think - only a few milliseconds to somehow try to survive «website» will give you the answer to the nagging question « What to do if you are in a falling elevator? »

Where to start - with good or not? Perhaps, you must first notify the worst: it is possible to survive, but no injuries are indispensable. Moreover, if a person would be in this situation, the shock of his wit just come down to zero. Therefore, read the following information: she put in your head, and was in danger, you will unconsciously act correctly.

How to survive in a falling lifte

Some people believe that you need to jump in a split second before landing. First, calculate the moment is almost impossible, and even if you are lucky, it will slow down the fall by only a couple of kilometers per hour. Second, you can hit his head on the ceiling of the elevator. Moreover, if the moment of stress head and a sharp lift landing the same, then ... I do not want to describe the details! There is another misconception: if you bend your knees rather stand on his heels, it will soften the blow. The method is good at the usual jump, but certainly not at the uncontrolled "flying" down. In this case, the legs will take the brunt, but not much to soften it - you just break his bones below the waist. Best of all - to lie down and close the head with his hands, his head under the purse. The question is: lie on your back or on your stomach? Here opinions diverge researchers, but agree on one thing - landing in a horizontal position is uniformly distributed through the body the force of impact.

And now the good news, in fact, probably, a lot of you are scared ... These dangerous cases are extremely rare. Statistics says that likely to die in an elevator - 0,% 00000015. The fact that the control device of tension rope blocking the elevator, even if only one of them broke.

Even the cables are designed for the weight, far more than the weight of the elevator. Theoretically, an elevator would run on a single rope, and them there are several. In case of breaking the speed limiter will activate the "catcher", which immediately stopped the cab.

In fact, no need to fear the elevator, because it is the safe way to travel in the world. But if you, God forbid, "lucky", then lie down on the floor - will be more whole!

And do not forget to warn their friends about the chances remain intact as much as possible with the falling elevator


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