Trends in cosmetics

Matt face

Pearlescent quietly goes out of fashion. Please note makeup is not lit like a Christmas Tree, even the most Jennifer Lopez - a big fan of the brilliant blush and foundation with light reflecting particles.

Ideal matte color can be achieved with high-quality foundation (I rarely use tonalnika, but if we wanted to - then choose spray Dior).

But to lay the cream perfectly evenly - it is better to put a transparent silicone. And here are a couple of recommendations on this subject from Mr. Napoleon Perdisa (yes, it sounds funny, but people star in their field):

1. The T-zone is recommended to apply a little lighter shade, to give relief face.
2. Do not apply the foundation on the forehead - after all it's not masquerade masks. Apply only on the central part of the face, and then blend to impart natural form.

Accentuated cheekbones

I've already talked about this, nothing new this season is not going to emphasize the cheekbones bronzer began in the days of long ago ... in general. This season, they are recommended to allocate through the darkening of the face just below the cheekbone, not the cheekbones.

Oh, girl, this one must be very careful - the slightest mistake in coverage and you will look weird, to say the least. To see your own cheekbones cheeks recommended to involve as much or smile. But at the very cheekbone can put lighter shade that gives a person visually volume and specificity.

Divided cilia

Something that shows itself Perdis I except Nightmare on Elm Street will not name. But this trend is really formed.

In order not to look like a lady in the picture, and look normal, I recommend the following method of creating the effect of false eyelashes. You will need two carcasses, one almost dried up (any) and the second - Yves Saint Laurent with the effect of false eyelashes.

First, simply paint over the entire length of the lashes semi-dry ink (this is true, that most combs than leaves lumps). Then connect the new ink individual cilia in one. Make it easy, if you hold the tip of the brush is not parallel to the eye as usual, and at right angles. Nearby couple cilia miss. Then reconnect the cilia - get natural effect of false eyelashes, but only among girls who have cilia on the nature too short.

Thick eyebrows

Too long ago the emerging trend. There is a photograph in almost every magazine using the form of this element. Blond eyebrow tint shades recommended for a more natural look, of course, not touching the skin.

Trend, of course, fashionable and beautiful, but if nature does not reward you broad eyebrows, then nothing can be done. Since I do not have eyebrows, but one disappointment, no individual can not give advice. Mr. Perdis (no, still, well, imechko) offers to paint all this luxury for a couple of shades lighter than your hair. Since in this case the emphasis in the person has already been determined, the rest of the makeup should be very unobtrusive.

Natural, pale lip color

It is better not to try to achieve this effect using foundation and powder, despite the recommendations of professionals. Especially if you do not overeat vitamins and live in a cold climate. Lips dry scared a couple of hours everything starts to slide into the labial folds, even if on top the whole thing moistened transparent liquid sheen.

The easiest way to achieve the effect due to the respective colors of lipstick and put a clear gloss on it already. However, despite this trend, bright lips has not been canceled.


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