Vision of love

Maxim Garibaldi - Photographer from St. Petersburg, who takes a love story, is one of the few masters in Russia have an alternative view of the seemingly banal things. Photograph couple of lovers - is one thing, but take a picture of a couple in love in unusual angles and situations - is quite another. Interesting, art and does unbanal photos of two lovers hearts - a rare, but extremely pleasant. Basically, a photographer from the city on the Neva photographing weddings, so while the others rest, it works. Thanks to Maxim Garibaldi, which can take a photo with your wedding, you will remain forever beautiful images with the traditional feast. Garibaldi is able to show the emotions of people in the photos, sometimes even taking on their faces, because love - this is a strong sense in the world. Looking through the portfolio of the photographer, I read and comment on images, which were very positive, and someone even wrote that after the divorce again wanted to marry) Well, no, because the truth is very warm and sensual photos.


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