Hair shine and grow by leaps and bounds!

And so what we need:

1. Cinnamon. Used to increase circulation, thereby accompanying the hair growth and strengthen them.
2. Honey. Masks, which include honey, help with many ailments associated with hair. Just enough to rub honey hair once daily to prevent dryness and hair loss. In this application, your hair will become honey smooth and shiny.
3. Eggs (whole). Some use only the yolk, but I use both.
 - Protein: Masks with egg white can be used for hair care products of any type and make them stronger and healthier, improving the structure of hair and accelerate their growth. Contained in the egg white components to prevent breakage and cross-section of hair, smooth hair structure, giving them a more well-groomed appearance.
 - Yolk: Due to the high content of useful components, the yolk is indispensable as a component in many nourishing mask for hair and skin. He has undeniable nutritional benefits, as well as perform the function of the binder and the solute. Ideal for improving the consistency of any cosmetic masks, and at the same time provides additional power.
4. Burdock oil. On the beneficial properties of this oil everyone knows, so much to say about it will not. Is used for growth and moisturize the hair.

1 tablespoon cinnamon mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey 5-2, added egg and oil (optional, I go out somewhere two spoons) and all thoroughly mixed. Put in the microwave for about 20 seconds (during this time boil an egg does not have time, but the entire mixture will warm). Try to warm up for 5 seconds, so as not to spoil the mixture.

Cinnamon may be hot, especially if bought for the first time an open pack (cinnamon in it is fresh and has not lost its pungency), but somehow I did not particularly notice accustomed to, and does not burn much.
Keep-much as you can. When strongly heated 15 minutes, if tolerated or not felt at all, as you want. I usually keep an hour.
After wash off with shampoo 2 times.

Bottom line: the hair shiny, soft and sooooo delicious smell of cinnamon, even in the dry form. (I smell cinnamon kept even after the third "dressing"


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