15 ways to cheat OLD AGE:

Why spend a fortune on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, if you hide your age can be much easier and cheaper.
How to do it, wrote Emma Baxter-Wright, in his book "How to look younger than 1001 little trick," recently published in Britain. Here are some suggestions of the author.

1. The right to sleep and wake up.
Pillow. For those who like to sleep on your stomach, will have to give up this bad habit for the exterior. The fact is that if you are sleeping, his face buried in the pillow, you can not help cut the blood supply to this area. If you are doing this regularly, you run the risk of wrinkles and folds to make ahead of time. In addition, the friction of the fabric traumatize the skin, so choose a softer pillow cases - satin or silk.

2. Cream. There is a small beauty secret that can rejuvenate you for one night. Before going to bed, apply on face night cleansing cream, and put a thin layer on top of any cream-masks - such that hardens a thin film and then removed in the morning. Cleansing will effectively tighten the skin and posvezheet.

3. Another tip for owners of dry skin note: before applying any means - whether it's wrinkle cream or anti-cellulite gel - swipe the skin with wet hands, then mazhtes its miracle means. With this reception cream faster and better absorbed into the deeper layers of skin.

4. Moisture. If you are not fond of cream, replace them with others can, nekosmeticheskie funds. For example ... Just a towel. Strong wet it and put it on the night of the battery and get a homemade humidifier, which will help your skin to recover better during sleep. If the battery does not work (not in season), an electric humidifier can be purchased at any appliance store.

5. Shower. Use the special sponge, loofah each morning. Simple movements can help stimulate blood flow throughout the body and remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Another tip - do not get carried away in the morning with hot water and splash around in the bath too long.

6. Take care of the person. Swelling under the eyes can be removed with the help of two metal teaspoons. Put them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, and then attach to the swelling and count to 60.

7. wrinkles appear on the forehead of those who often frowns. If notice of a habit, try to give it up and express his displeasure in another way. If fully relax the muscles of the face is not possible, slightly promassiruyte them for a few minutes.

8. lips. To this part of your face always looked young and attractive, it should be abundantly moistened. Than? Of course, hygienic lipstick. Choose one that contains oil or wax, but no artificial flavors! Lipstick with a fruity smell you will want to lick - and this is only the lips dry and age faster.

9. flaunts wisely
To start. In 5-10 minutes before make up, be sure to use a moisturizer for the face. It minimizes negative effects makeup and give the skin a healthy appearance.

10. The right look. When applying make-up is necessary to remember that the color you home in dim artificial light, but you will have to look at in the street - in daylight. So when a handsome, sit in front of a window in a well-lit room and use the mirror more. Otherwise the risk is too bright make-up or, conversely, too pale.

11. Paint the eyes. If you do not like bright colored makeup, buy a jar of pearly shades of skin color. They must apply to the middle of the upper eyelid near the lashes straight and your eyes will look wider and eyelashes - brighter.

12. corrects eyebrows. With age, the upper eyelid can droop a bit, but it gives your face a tired and otёkshy views. To hide this trouble, you need to properly adjust the shape of your eyebrows, a little "poddёrnuv" them up. Just do not overdo it with tweezers - too thin eyebrows add to you at once with five years.

13. Watch for hair. For hair shine after washing for a second dip the head under running cold water. From such a "surprise" the scales of your hair will be closed, the hair surface becomes smooth and light gleams.

14. Keep hair color allows you to present in their structure of the pigment melanin. To keep the amount at the proper level, your diet must be present copper. It is contained in oysters, crabs, nuts and sunflower seeds. If you are still caught gray hair, hide it will only paint. To make your hair look more natural, do not try to paint them in your former natural color - choose a tone lighter shade.

15. At night, always Tie up long hair and never communicate them in a ponytail or bun. Because if in a dream, you'll toss and turn on a bed, be sure to damage your hair and leave it in bed a good part.


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