HONEY SCRUB soft and delicate lips!

In the winter, and not just the lips are often dry, weather-beaten. Today I will tell you about honey scrub lips. Sponges after wonderful and velvety!
We need:
-mёd (preferably liquid flower, but also any other suitable)
-zubochistka or spoon (to stop)
-Small container

Mix honey, sugar in a ratio of about 2: 1, for example, 1 teaspoon of honey and half of the sugar. Adding a little bit of Vaseline and blend again. Scrub ready! Apply it with a finger on the lips and gently "Scrubs." I warn you, will be a strong desire to lick his lips))) better not :)
After we remove with a sponge or soft cloth with shelled particles. Smear any lip balm.


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