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Name Monica Bellucci - synonymous with feminine beauty, but it should be noted that this effective woman is not only the body of Aphrodite and the face of Nefertiti, it has the charm and more, which sometimes lacks a very talented actress. Yes, she did not deserve the "Oscar", but when a woman such external data everything else fades into the background and it is a truism, which are not necessary to explain. It attracts attention with its striking femininity in one bottle with sexuality in the movie can not utter a single word, but you're still looking at it with gusto, until she is beautiful. Many believe Monica ideal, she said that she just got lucky with the appearance and do not be her of the beauty and charm of which has so far (as Bellucci is already 47), it would have remained a lawyer in godforsaken office. Now, thanks to Mother Nature Bellucci have a good career, a stable income, charismatic husband - Vincent Cassel, and two daughters - Deva and Leonie.

People can forgive a man mind, even talent, but the beauty - never.

For me it is very important to seek and find the unusual role, and then check whether I can fulfill them. Someone told me that in all the artists have sleeping beauties and every time playing the role of one of these beauties wakes. Inside, we have everything. We only need to see it.
Acting - it's not just words. Holly Hunter did not speak a word in the film "The Piano," and won an Oscar.

My body is very important to me: my face, my hands, my feet, my hands, my eyes ... everything. I use everything I have.
Beauty becomes a lively and interesting when it is hidden clothing.
Stupidity - not a hindrance if you're educated and know how to use their beauty.

I feel alone with a good and comfortable, but not because I'm beautiful. I know many very beautiful people whose lives are terrible. And it is very bad with myself. Feel interior comfort - this is not what you look like in appearance and the way you feel inside. I am a happy person because I experienced a lot of love to yourself - I have a very big family.
The beauty of a woman becomes a problem only in two cases: when it is not, and when there is nothing but beauty.

As a resident of Europe, I have to be here and to act in Italian and French films. But America is also interesting for me.
At the same time, I could never live in the United States. There, people are obsessed with youth and beauty is much more than we do. In America, the actress reach 40 years of age and are going crazy, because the film industry requires youth. They generally like a different type of women. I will never be skinny and fake, I - the present.
I live in Paris, but I feel like a daughter of Europe.

I listen to the "young" music, with me one year. I love soul, rap and funky.
These moments of pleasure in my life - when I eat in the company of their friends.
You need to be forgiving. After all, who are we: madmen, who are trying to keep balance on the ball, which itself by moving with frightening speed, travels the universe. Who in such circumstances can be perfect? ​​

I am not afraid of nudity, because for me there is nothing more beautiful than the human body. The body can cause surprising emotions. In the "irreversible" I used my body as an object, and it's great when you can not treat your body, it's part of your job, the object with which you can work. When you have a degree of freedom, it can show all the best, as an actress.
When I'm older, I'll look more for their children than their films.

The human mind is developed in terms of technology, but not in terms of feelings.
My career at the moment is very exciting, but love remains in first place, because it balances me.

Perhaps the reason that I have so much work that every director thinks that it is with him, I'll show you the best acting. Perhaps at a time when I will be fully satisfied with his acting game, I will no longer work.
For 10 years I have done a lot of things. First of all, I do not know whether I remain a model, becoming an actress. I know that I wanted to become an actress, but it's so hard to believe. Now things are getting better and better, there are more interesting offers than five years ago. It's like being older - so to get better.

Being an actress is the highest degree of femininity.
After lovemaking man sleeps, and a woman thinks how it went.

Vincent is so cute and touching ... When we were in Cannes to watch the film "Irreversible", at the moment when I came out of the tunnel was covered in blood, he wept. I said, "Vincent, what's wrong? It's just a movie. We know it's not real, "but he still could not calm down.


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