The base or base?

Just over a month ago, NASA research purposes broke the surface of the moon two twin satellites Ebb and Flow. Mission sosotoyala satellites to study lunar gravity anomalies. Because there are several theories of origin of our natural satellite, scientists (and this research was held under the auspices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have undertaken to check the uniformity of inner moons. On their own thorough research and brutally interesting, but now it's not about that.
Before you break the surface of the satellites, reduced the height of their passage from fifty to ten kilometers. And the picture surfaces are very impressive and fascinating details. One camera was filming the direction of travel, the other - the deleted object. And in the field of view was quite large rectangular object. It seems that if the ruins of a building, or the remnants of the foundation. Pictures of objects on the moon of unknown origin appeared in the network before. But those were informal shots from mysterious sources. Here are all officially. NASA declined to comment until completely recorded in the pictures. Information about the location of the object, except that it was on a flight path, as no. Interestingly, this time, too, will try to present this fact as "a bizarre game of light and shade┬╗?
By the way, according to studies, our night light inside is very heterogeneous. So there will be perhaps too surprising if in our natural satellite can find even more amazing artifacts.
And whether it's satellite or someone's base - even grandma half wondered. What do we know, in the end? So on trifles.


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