10 amazing military facilities

In the field of devices for the destruction of their own kind man, perhaps, reached perfection - all the planet's surface is dotted with military facilities: the base, the fortress, fortifications, missile ranges and coastal artillery batteries ... Among them there are truly enchanting items - for example, the legendary airbase Groom Lake, better known as "Area 51". The missile test site Tyr-Tam, who later became the Baikonur cosmodrome. Menacing decorations in many European cities - "flak tower." Stations missile warning "Daryal". 30-kilometer low-frequency transmitter ZEUS. Great Wall of China, at last.

This list could be endless, but in the top ten is placed exactly 10 positions. This review presents 10 of the most rare and surprising, to some extent paradoxical modern military facilities.

For example, the place where stored in the preservation of the first aircraft of the Air Force of the world - more than 4,400 units of the aviation and space engineering arranged in neat rows in the middle of the Arizona desert. Like terracotta warriors from the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the planes were frozen in anticipation of the hour H.

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Giant store aircraft in the open - not that other, as the Davis-Monthan AFB, place of dislocation 309th group on repair and maintenance of aerospace engineering US Air Force (309th AMARG). Each "mummy" is stored aircraft carefully wrapped with plastic film, interior trim removed - a decommissioned aircraft technician is the object of "cannibalization" and a source of spare parts for the drill machine.

The hangars Davis-Monthan boils serious work - outdated "Felkeny" and "Phantoms" are converted into unmanned aerial target drones and QF-4 and QF-16. Experts in "Aviation Archeology" scrupulously poking around in the remnants of the old machines, the most "fresh" samples were selected for subsequent upgrading and sales to third countries.

The air base is a source of considerable income - according to the Pentagon, every dollar invested here brings a $ 11 profit. And do fantastic landscapes Davis-Monthan in great demand among Hollywood filmmakers ("Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man").


"As you were talking! Onward and upward, and there ... It's our mountains - they help us! ยป
The highest in the world theater of hostilities, located on the Siachen glacier body (Karakoram, Himalayas). The main danger of these places - 6,000 meters high above sea level, according to a mean statistics, 95% of soldiers killed in the Siachen glacier, became victims of unbearable climatic conditions in the realm of burning frost and thin air.

There is not even grass grows, but two irreconcilable enemy continue their crazy opposition to limiting height. Loss Account troops of India and Pakistan are already many thousands; People are dying en masse in the avalanche, thousands of getting frostbite, pants and go missing in the bottomless pit of the glacier.

A quarter century ago, there was now the Ice, and most of the Siachen glacier came under the control of India. Fighting in such extreme conditions annually sucking of 300 million. Dollars from the Indian treasury, but the Indians continued stubbornly to push the enemy. To date, India has about 150 fortified outposts - the most high-checkpoints are located at altitudes up to 7 kilometers. Fear and horror of the ice.


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