Why do not we feel the smell

every day, using deodorant and perfume, we do not think about their natural aroma - the smell of his own body, and after all the appeal and the smell of the body - this is an extremely important part of spiritual harmony. Since own smell accompanied us everywhere, we simply do not notice it. But it is worth just for a moment to be in an enclosed area of ​​a public place, and our sense of smell is instantly activated, immediately fixing the whole range of odors. It can be as pronounced a pleasant aroma and a sharp odor. But in most cases, the person can just pick up odors. Compared to animals, especially mammals, the human sense of smell is not as thoroughly developed. There is a theory that we do not feel the smell of his own body, because for us it is almost irrelevant, but for others it can be very pleasant or unpleasant to the contrary. In the words of Dr. Pat Barelli clear that we are responsible for the smell nerves presented olfactory nerves quite easily overloaded and "tired." Eventually, the nervous system "ignores" flows much of the information that is obtained nerves. That's why they did not react to the smell of his own body, but only in the event of major changes. In turn, Dr. Morley Coeur adds that pleasant smells can be "ignored" in the chisle.

Proof of this is an example: the people of Hershey (Pennsylvania) do not pay attention to the spilled all over the city the smell of the chocolate factory. However, tourists coming to town, overflowing with an excess of the smell. In general, natural scent of the human body depends on the consumable food products. Quote "You - this is what you eat" is proof of that. When smoking or alcohol abuse body odor can mutate, and often not for the better. Definitely, being a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, in particular a balanced diet, people will exude a pleasant smell. Consequently, such a person around people will be satisfied. Surprisingly, through close contact with people scents our bodies along with the body of our interlocutor affect us unconsciously. Thus, we hardly are aware on the subject of why we are drawn to some magnetic power to one person and repelled from the other. The fact - like the smell of a partner - in many ways can be decisive in the further development of relations. In the world, both humans and animals smells aside a special place, even if we do not realize. It is well known that the newborn baby can accurately identify his mother by smell, and vice versa - young mothers, using the sense of smell, recognize their children.

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