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at the fish market in Tokyo's Tsukiji, the first in 2013, the auction of tuna. During the auction set a record price for a fish - 222-pound Atlantic tuna was sold for 155, 4 million yen (about 1, 8 million US dollars).

Buyer tuna became president of the local chain of restaurants Kiyoshi Kimura. According to him, the final price for the Atlantic bluefin tuna was "a bit of a tall." "I wanted to meet the expectations of its customers, who said they wanted to try this year the best Japanese tuna. I hope this will help lift the spirits tuna in Japan, "- said Kimura.

President of the restaurant chain announced that he intends to sell tuna at 398 yen (about five dollars) per serving, which is considerably less than the real price of fish (based on the final value of the lot, one piece of tuna would cost visitors institutions Kimura 325 dollars).

The previous record price for tuna on the Japanese fish auction was set in 2012. Then for tuna paid 56, 49 million yen. Buyer of the fish was also made by Kiyoshi Kimura.

Japan accounts for three quarters of the global tuna catch. The country, he is highly regarded as an ingredient for sushi. The World Conservation Union classifies the ordinary Atlantic Tunas to species threatened with extinction. However, to ban production of this fish is not yet possible; blocks the process of the ban mainly Japan.

Source: lenta.ru/news/2013/01/05/tuna/


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