Awakened teenager

The campground, located in the north-central state of Minnesota, there was a shocking incident: the wolf tried to eat the head of a sleeping teenager.
According to information from CBS News, 16-year-old Graham Noah (Noah Graham) and his friends went to the camp, to spend a weekend in nature. On Friday evening, the teenager decided not to sleep in a tent, and on the shores of Lake Uinnibigoshish (Winnibigoshish).

At 4 am Noah awoke from strange sensations, and found that his head is in the jaws of a wolf. The teenager reacted instantly: he grabbed the muzzle predator and began to pull the clamped part cherepa.

"The attack was sudden and silent - says 16-year-old boy. - Animal crept up behind me and grabbed by the neck. " Freed from the jaws of the wolf, the American began to drive away from it myself, but shouting and waving his arms did not deter aggressive inhabitants of the forest. The animal retreated only when Graham arrived to help other vacationers.

Immediately after the attack the wounded teenager was taken to hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with bite wounds of soft tissue neck. Surgeons had to put 17 staples to stop the bleeding and to connect the edges of wounds.

The father of the victim, Scott Graham, said his son, feels good, and is currently undergoing a course of rabies vaccination. Employees of the Department of Natural Resources of Minnesota (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) tracked down and killed the wolf attacked a man. Experts who examined the corpse of an animal, found that the predator had a deformed jaw. This observation explains the reasons for the unprecedented attack.

"The deformation significantly reduces the chances of a wolf on a successful hunt. So he went to the camp in search of scraps or food, and apparently mixed up with them head guy. But I want to say that in Minnesota was not the attacks of wolves, and for them not to approach the characteristic of the people ", - said Colonel Soaring Ken (Ken Soring), was investigating the incident. Representatives of the US Forest Service (US Forest Service) reported that after the attack the animal camp was temporarily closed.



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