Double-decker train Railways

My test drive was initiated on November 2 at 07:50 MSK from the first platform of the Kazan station of the capital.

It is terrible if I was? Very scary, as ponapishut blogs is that sometimes takes as much horror. Yes, and I'm not young for such ispytaniy-)

Russian wagons and taken to "Tver Carriage Works." The ticket I had on the second floor, and who knew all of a sudden while driving I fell somewhere with things ...

I went and was stunned! My first thought was - I was wrong train. On second thought, I'm in Europe and on the route, "Paris - Nice" instead of "Moscow - Adler." It is far from what those in Russia began to make such cars?

On the eve of the Olympic Games in the Tver Carriage Works were purchased 50 double-deck carriages 38 compartment, four CB compartment and staff dining car. Of these, three have formed a staff that will go to Adler with stops in Ryazan, Voronezh, Rostov, Krasnodar and Sochi.

Coupe ticket cost me 3,206 rubles. By increasing the number of seats in the car managed to reduce the cost of travel in cars coupe and NE.

And here is the compartment in which I have to drive 25 hours 19 minutes. There is no upper luggage rack, but my rather big suitcase successfully fit down.

The coupe has individual electrical outlet to charge a mobile phone or laptop. Two pieces!

The fare includes: linens, provision of drinking water in transit, sanitary and hygiene kits and the press.

All train packed to capacity - no available spaces. My naughty neighbor Vova! -)

The car is made of high European standards with the use of new technologies, equipment and materials - light, clean, convenient,

Free hygienic set

You'll be surprised, but in the ticket price included a box lunch. It was necessary to "risk" health and tested. Survived! Everything was edible, though chicken pie I would zamenil-)

Kit: waffles, crackers, jam, water, pate, mayonnaise, mustard, sanitation gigienichenky kit (paper napkin, knife, fork, boat, salt, pepper, sugar, toothpick) sandwich.

And here is the first stop

The train has a restaurant and a car. On the second floor - a dining room for 48-50 visitors

The lower tier is a kitchen and a bar

I tested the products restaurant yourself?

Certainly, I tested. For 350 rubles, I ordered a business lunch from the salad first, second, and drink! And most importantly - survive again!

Walk on the train

The coupes (SV) Each seat is equipped with an LCD display for viewing video programs.

The train has a Wi-Fi, but I confess, the speed he is poor.

You are not blind - in each car carried out the separate collection of rubbish!

All cars are equipped with three portable toilets that can be used during stops. Someone reading such statistics. In normal compartment car 36 seats and 2 toilets. It turns 1 toilet for 18 passengers. The two-storey car 64 seats and 3 toilets - 1 toilet for 21 passengers. Allegedly, the toilets will be loaded on 15%.

I want to argue! With three toilets and full wagon even once in 25 hours I did not have to wait in line. Always let loose was one toilet. Author statistics did not realize that the toilets are working during stops.

Each car has a video surveillance system, monitoring system, access control and protection of the passenger train, as well as air conditioning and heating, providing a comfortable environment.

Do not forget about the people with disabilities. The train has special compartments and the lift chair

Landscape outside the window.

From the second floor better view!

The coaches used the vibration compensation system that will allow passengers to not feel uncomfortable rocking cars. A motion pictures obtained chetche-)

Outside, the sea seemed to - drive to Sochi

At each station all eager to be photographed with the first double-decker train

It's time to make out cars so beautiful!

Are there any disadvantages? Of course there is - is the inability to control the temperature of the air in a particular coupe (like I have seen in Europe in cars, Siemens).

Going further into the Adler!

Gains in Adler. Note the difference in height of cars.

"Transport Gate" Olympics opened October 28, 2013, Vladimir Putin

I was met by sand)

Very nice station

ridetsya say goodbye to the train and tell you about the station

Construction of the station in Adler was carried out in the image and likeness of demand worldwide intermodal passenger transportation hubs - hubs where passengers can not only perform a transplant or to leave luggage, but also get a wide range of additional services - from the acquisition of fresh media to the hotel service.

The total area of ​​the seven levels of the terminal is about 30 thousand sq. M. m, capacity exceeds 15 thousand. people per hour.

When such stations will be in Moscow?

At the same time at the station can accommodate about two thousand passengers

The day the new terminal can cater for 56 pairs of long-distance trains and commuter trains, and moreover - one hour away and can be sent to arrive four trains Aeroexpress.

The station building consists of three parts: a parking lot for 555 vehicles, marine and urban parts of the building, as well as connecting them Concourse (the area in which several streets converge)

So Yakunin with the problem on the roads for the Olympic Games managed it.



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