The festival of street art

At the festival of street art in Cologne under the name «CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2013" artists come from different parts of the planet. I suggest you take a short virtual tour of its places and get acquainted with the work of street artists.

Catalan artist ARYZ quite young, but has already managed to memorize a few large-scale works.

Christophe Florin, and known as the Low Bros, painted a giant head of a wolf, which, if carefully scrutinize it may seem and not a head at all :)

Artists from the collaboration «Captain Borderline» occupied the railway embankment, depicting an eagle soaring over a flock of sheep. We think the ambiguity of the image is clear to all.

Brazilian GAIS is famous for its abstract drawings. At the festival he created a hypnotic wall.

Very dramatic and emotional portrait of an old man in the fresco Dasselshtrasse. Author - Hendrik Baker.

The gloomy scenario by Marius Varas aka M-City.

Klaus and the duo of Joe MaJo Brothers showed all that our world - a set of ones and zeros of binary code.

And a little more work of the festival.

As you know, all the pictures on the walls did not stop. At the festival visited by Mark Jenkins and make their impersonal installation.



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