Festival of street art in Russia

Two of the largest in Europe, street art festival held in our country. What is not a reason for radosti.Ekaterinburzhskaya "Stenograffia" took place this summer for the third time, and decided to celebrate Kazan on the world map of street art for the first time - the festival Like It! Art was completed in July.

On Like It! Art came to street artists from around the world, including such giants as the street art Etam Cru, Steve Locatelli, Pixel Pancho and others. Well-known Russian writers and Nikita Vitae Viazi Nomerz were in Yekaterinburg and Kazan.

In this article are pictures of both festivals sharp objects - so you then do not say that in Russia there is no luxury and incredible street art. There - see. Pictures are clickable.

Festival Like It! Art. Kazan, July 2012

Authors - Etam Cru from Poland.

Steve Locatelli (Belgium)

Morik & Aber (Russia)

Pixel Pancho (Italy)

Mr. Pera (Italy)

Vitae Viazi (Moscow)

Nikita Nomerz (Nizhny Novgorod)

ATAS (Naberezhnye Chelny)

Aeropop (Kazan)

Stan One and Max are 13 (Russian)

Max13 (Russia)

Zmogk (Russia)

Hendrik Beikirch (Germany)

Eduardo Relero (Spain)

Laguna (Spain)

LST (Russia)

Mednoy (Russia)

Kislow (Ukraine)

Nasimo (Bulgaria)

Remo (Russia)


Basho and Evil (Russia)

Ekos One (Serbia)

Proud and Elena (Russia)

The final overall plein air.

Festival Stenograffia. Yekaterinburg, June-July 2012

Marina Berry / Taknado (Novosibirsk)

Ivan Berry / Taknado (Novosibirsk)


Revenge (Yekaterinburg)

People Stan

Pst (Yaroslavl)

VGA (Samara)

ZukClub (Moscow)

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Authors left to right - CHERVI * REVENGE * CHERVI * REVOLT * aqwl * 10 * FUNT * SKORE, DASH, SPIKE * BROKS * TROUBLE * SPEAK * TROUBLE * Unknown * MARK * SV259 * TRAYP * NBC, RST

Photos Stenograffia - Maxim Loskutov

Photos Like It! Art - Paul Serpokrylov (flamp), George Trushkin (inkazan), MadeInKazan

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