Dad - exploiter

Where are the stories in the history of writers and screenwriters? Yes, often directly from life, slightly modifying them so accents. As life often throws up a ...
Engaged man repairing copiers. Work of hell. Once he had to take with you to work a four-year daughter, well, so there were circumstances. Girly nimble. Twirled around the room a little, and then said that she was bored and she wants to do something. Well, what to do in repair shop. Vruil her dad completely neremontabelnuyu already part aparata, screwdriver, and went into the next room to meet clients.
And here goes a half hour. Dad works hard on a new order in the presence of the client (breaking melochevaya was that it made no sense to leave). And then from the next room child comes up with rolled sleeves to the elbow, with a screwdriver in his hand and covered in toner. And when startled visitor declares an indescribable sarcasm:
 - Dad, I, of course, very interesting. But do not you have work cleaner?
Let me remind you - baby four goda.Na face reflected visitor whole gamma.On remembered and child labor in Indonesia and Thailand, and young slaves in the mines and sewing workshops. But to my own father? Before this all faded. He just waited for the repair, silence is paid and, having presented an eloquent look, left on his own business.


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