Crown or crown?

We like to say that man - the crown of creation of nature. And it's flattering. Well, of course. It's nice to be on the top.
While looking at the work of animal painters, a thought: "Is it worth it to distance itself from the rest because of the animal world?" Here they are - the same wonderful, unique. Each in its own way and each with their own emotions (yes). How majestic and calm the king of beasts. How charming panda. Monkey little family - so simple example to follow. And the sincerity and naturalness and does give a decent head start. They are simply amazing. Wonderfully beautiful and attractive. And personally, I do not have thoughts of their own superiority nimi.Prosto all of us - part of a single system on the planet, and we live here together. And it is better in this case at least try to understand and feel each other. A beast is able. After all, surely every one of you knows that there are friends and acquaintances, which literally stretches beasts. And there are those who carefully avoided and may occasionally nip any shit in the sneaker, regardless Syrup enthusiasm to the pets. Because - feel very subtly. We, crowns, by the way, this ability slightly porasteryali. So let's just enjoy the neighborhood with these wonderful creatures and a few things to learn from them.


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