Rurik. Being lost profits

It seems to be nothing much to comment on. And the material is presented quite vividly. And the theme pereviranie stories close to us in the same way. And provocatively did their best. But here's a little annoying style of presentation, if honest. I understand that when a person throughout his life hammered into one's head, and he does not believe and wants to prove otherwise, then inevitably may fall into the same aggressive style of presentation. But I would like a more neutral, whether that presentation. That is - the facts, and you really do decide and draw conclusions. And that is sausage starts from the fact that the viewer keep the complete downs and all conclusions not only that persistently declare, so more and do it repeatedly and with emphasis. Schaub understood, as they say. Especially since not all findings, presented in the film as a kind of revelation, so very clear. It is even possible to argue. So, play on words, which can twirl and interpreted either way. Although the initial promise, once again, very decent. So much history and so garbled that it is worth to dig even be able to restore the crumbs.
In general, it is nothing worth seeing, as for me. Interesting topic and hot at all times.


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