40 amazing facts about the first Russian tsars - kind of Rurik

Rhode Rurik was in power in Russia for seven centuries. He left behind a lot of noble descendants and puzzles! < Website tells the story of the first Russian tsars in the form of small amusing facts.

Rurik ruled for 748 years - from 862 in 1610. It is not known virtually nothing about the founder of the dynasty - Rurik. Until the XV century, none of the Russian tsars called himself "Rurik". Scientific debate about the identity of Rurik began only in the XVIII century. The common ancestors of Rurik are: Rurik himself, his son Igor, the grandson and great-grandson of Svyatoslav Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Drinking in Russia as part of a patronymic family name - it is a confirmation of human relationships with his father. Noble and simple people called themselves, for example, "Mikhail Petrov, son." Special privilege was considered adding to the end of the patronymic "-ich" that allows people with high birth. So called Rurik - for example, Svyatopolk II of Kiev. At Saint Vladimir was from different women 13 sons and daughters at least 10. Ancient chronicles began to be 200 years after the death of Rurik, and a century later, after the baptism of Rus' (the appearance of writing) based on the oral tradition, the Byzantine chronicles and the few existing documents. The major statesmen of Rurik were Grand Duke Vladimir Sacred, Yaroslav the Wise, Vladimir Monomakh, Yuri Dolgoruky, Andrew Bogolyubskii, Vsevolod the Big Nest, Alexander Nevsky, Ivan Kalita, Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan III, Vasily third, Tsar Ivan the Terrible. For a long time having Jewish origins of the name of Ivan did not extend to the ruling dynasty, but since Ivan I (Ivan Kalita), they are called four sovereign of the kind of Rurik. The symbol of the Rurik was tamgha a diving falcon. The historian of the XIX century Stapan Gedeonov linked the very name of Rurik with the word "Rerek" (or "Rarog"), which in Slavic tribe Obodrits meant falcon. During the excavation of the early settlements of the Rurik dynasty was found many images of this bird. Births Chernigov princes were derived from the three sons, Michael of Chernigov (great-grandson of Oleg and Svyatoslav) - Seeds, Yuri, Mstislav. Prince Semyon Mikhailovich Glukhov became the ancestor of the princes Vorotinsky, Odoevsky. Tarussky Prince Yuri Mikhailovich - Mezetskih, Baryatinsky, Obolensky. Karachai Mstislav Mihaylovich- Mosalsk, Zvenigorod. From Prince Obolensky allocate late many princely families, among which the most famous Scherbatova, Repnin, Silver, Dolgorukovs. Among the models of Russian emigration were the times of Princess Nina and Mia Obolensky, a girl from a noble princely family Obolensky, rooted to Rurikovich. Rurikovich had to abandon the dynastic preferences in favor of the Christian names. Already Saint Vladimir baptismal was named Basil and Princess Olga - Elena. The tradition of direct name dates back to the early pedigree of Rurik, when the Grand Duke were both pagan and Christian name of Yaroslav-George (Wise), Basil and Vladimir (Monomakh). Karamzin numbered from 1240 till 1462 200 wars and invasions in the history of Russia. One of the first Rurik, Svyatopolk the Accursed, was the anti-hero of Russian history because of the charge of murder of Boris and Gleb. Today, however, historians are inclined to believe that the martyrs were killed by soldiers of Yaroslav the Wise, as martyrs recognized the right to the throne of Svyatoslav. The word "Rosichi" - a neologism author of "Lay." More this word as a self-era Russian Rurik found no. The remains of Yaroslav the Wise, whose study could give an answer to the question about the origin of Rurik, the missing The first American President George Washington was also Rurik. In addition to a further 20 US presidents were descended from Rurik. In particular, the Bushes, father and son. One of the latest Rurik, Ivan the Terrible, for his father was descended from the Moscow branch of the dynasty, and the mother - from the Tatar Temnik Mamaia. Lady Diana was associated with Rurik princess Dobronegu through Kiev, St. Vladimir's daughter, who married a Polish prince Casimir the Restorer. Alexander Pushkin, if you watch his genealogy is Rurik through great-grandmother Sarah Rzhevsk. After the death of Fyodor Ivanovich cut short only by his youngest - Moscow - branch. But the male offspring of other Rurik (former feudal princes) by then already acquired and surname: Baryatinsky, Volkonskie, Gorchakov, Dolgorukovs, Obolensky, Odoevskogo Repnin Shuiskys, Scherbatova ... Last Chancellor of the Russian Empire, the great Russian diplomat of the XIX century, a friend of Pushkin and fellow Bismarck, Alexander Gorchakov was born in an old noble family, descendant of Yaroslavl Princes Rurikovich. Ruric's were 24 British prime minister. including Winston Churchill. Anne of Kiev is his praprapraprapraprapraprapraprababushkoy. One of the most cunning politicians XVII century, cardinals Richelieu, also had Russian roots - again by Anna Yaroslavna. In 2007, historian Murtazaliyev argued that Ruric's were the Chechens. "Russ was not someone, and Chechens. It turns out that Rurik and his squad if they are really from Norman tribe Rus, they purebred Chechens, and of the royal family and to speak their native Chechen language. " Alexandre Dumas immortalized Richelieu was also Rurik. His grandmother was ... prapraprapraprapra Zbyslava Svyatopolkovna, the daughter of Grand Duke Svyatopolk II of Kiev, which was issued for the Polish King Boleslaw Krivoustogo. Prime Minister of Russia from March to July 1917 was Gregory Lions representative branch Rurikovich going from Prince Lev Danilovich, nicknamed toothed, a descendant of Rurik in the 18th lap. Ivan IV was not the only "threatening" the king in the dynasty of Rurik. "Terrible" is called, and his grandfather, Ivan III, who also had a nickname as "justice" and "great". As a result, for Ivan III stuck the nickname "great," and "formidable" was his grandson. Ā«Father NASA" Wernher von Braun was also Rurik. His mother was the Baroness Emmy, nee von Kvistorn.

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