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Vegetarian from the UK, who could not bear a child, gave birth to three babies at once when diversify the diet meat products. 34-year-old Laura Dixon tried to get pregnant for the past 10 years, but she could not. The woman even decided on artificial insemination, but she had a miscarriage. Forecasts of doctors were not encouraging: they said that Laura is unlikely to become a mother.
When she was once again able to get pregnant through IVF, doctors have warned the woman that she can once again threatened miscarriage or premature birth. To compensate for the deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 in the body, Laura had to revise your diet. It became three times a day to eat meat products. To the surprise of doctors from the British women born healthy triplets sons Max and Mason and daughter Mia. Within two weeks after the birth, they were able to go home
The British did not disdain and food from fast food, so during pregnancy gained more than 30 kilos. However, the protein diet helped her carry the children for 35 weeks - and this was confirmed by doctors. "After the miscarriage, I had lost a child, I could not even think that I can make three - admitted Laura. - Meat diet definitely helped me to get all the substances that the body needs when you're pregnant ยป.
Becoming a mother, Laura Dixon, who all his life has been a strict vegetarian, again I decided to give up meat.

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