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Another report from Andrew combines useful economic information about the intricacies of foreign exchange in the country of silver and wonderful scenery Bolivian

I want to share practical information on the exchange of dollars in Argentina. Firstly, you can sell them here at the official rate (about 4, 85 pesos per US dollar) and the present "black" - 6, 20-6, 40 (depends on the amount and sharpness). It is clear that the "black" market is now outlawed. Secondly, if you have dollars on a plastic card, then consider them in the trade network will also be the official exchange rate, which is not good.
In connection with this situation, Garner dollars before traveling to Argentina. Domestically, you can always find an acceptable version of the course. There is one more opportunity to become 25% richer - is to change money in the neighboring countries of Argentina. We have done so: removed Bs and they bought dollars and pesos in Bolivia. Limitations, yet are not present. Course, by the way, turned out to be higher than we were offered in Salta. In Bolivia, we changed to 6, 47 pesos per dollar, and in Salta above 6, 40 I have not found.
On our modest amount of such difference in rates is not much to say, well, those who have thousands, I hope the information is useful.
Fantastic Bolivian landscapes do not let me. I will from time to time to upload photos and share memories.
Laguna Colorada - Lake on the border with Chile. Water color: orange, red, blue. Such paints due to the presence of algae in the water. See that look away from such combinations of colors framed by mountains is simply unrealistic

Regularly throwing a coin into the water bodies with a great desire to return. Maybe it will come back ?!


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