About Google, how much of this sound

And yet, really a lot. Google's innovations in the field of Internet use has become quite commonplace. Yes, everything's great, drop dead, and other convenient. But as usual. And we'll let you get bored - that's you goggles Google Glass augmented reality. Little? Well, then here's to you all! Own airport company in San Jose, which is expected to invest eighty-two million dollars.
Indeed. When a company is growing its fleet (the end of 2011 at the disposal of the company's top managers had eight jets), is not a sin to think about personal airport.
Project development and construction of the object assigned to the company's Signature Aviation, customer is Blue City Holdings, this brand represents the interests of Google.
It is noted that the airport for private planes will be served and a few other companies, but what exactly, has not yet been specified. However, the main client will still be the company Google.
It is clear that for most San Jose construction of the new facility will be a very useful thing from an economic point of view. Here and 370 new jobs, and the annual rent of $ 2, $ 6 million, so that the city authorities and the leadership of the San Jose Airport sing praises and their hopes.


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