Beautiful Planet

How great is that astronauts on the International Space Station (real heroes) continue to share with us photos of our beautiful planet. The privilege of watching our planet from space falls very lucky few. However, thanks to these photos, as if we ourselves were on orbit. For this we are grateful to the astronauts, NASA and the European Space Agency. So if suddenly someone among them is reading this - thank you! After all, before we can enjoy similar views created at the studios of Hollywood. But these photos are real. Mother Earth is really very beautiful ...

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1. Maldives
"The sunny side of life" - this slogan tour operators attract tourists to the Maldives. Well, from the ISS, they do look divine. It's time to order a drink with slices of fruit and an umbrella in a glass, and then stretch out on a hammock and just enjoy life, watching the amazing sunset.

2. Pacific Ocean, Hawaii
Aloha! We are approaching the Hawaiian Islands to the west. The Big Island is clearly visible. Kilauea is sometimes called "the world's only volcano in the road." Now this volcano produces 250-650 thousand yards of lava per day, which is enough to cover the 32-kilometer two-lane highway in the day.

3. Southern Lights, New Zealand
It seems we will not see the southern lights inside. This photo is great for several reasons. It resembles a laser show - a mysterious and beautiful.

4. Eastern coast of Spain at night
Eastern coast of Spain at night, with the Balearic Sea as a dark spot. The island of Mallorca is visible in the upper left. Looking at the Barcelona night, remember your wish list. Perhaps for someone one of them - to go to Barcelona for the match, "Barcelona" vs. "Real Madrid».

5. Mannam Volcano, Papua New Guinea
Mannam, or the Great Volcano, only 10 km in diameter. Mannam - stratovolcano composed of varying layers of ash, lava and rocks from previous eruptions. This is one of the most active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea, and sometimes it becomes a cause of death, including 13 deaths in December 1996, and four in March 2007. In general, it looks like a great photo dekoritsyu to any film, such as "Jurassic Park" or "King Kong».

6. International Space Station on the east coast of Argentina. Sometimes, looking at these pictures, I get dizzy. Just imagine that you're on the ISS, looking at our planet upside down - by the thought stomach turned inside out. Here, the ISS over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina, more precisely, over the Gulf of San Matias.

7. Beaver Lake in Arkansas, USA
Beaver Lake - an artificial reservoir in the Ozark Mountains, in northwestern Arkansas, the birthplace of the White River. Even despite the fact that artificial reservoirs are sometimes destroyed by forest fires, yet surprisingly, as humanity changes the planet.

8. US East Coast
East Coast to New York City and Long Island to the bottom left. Last ray of light on the horizon is simply amazing. To see all this with your own eyes, you only need $ 20 million ...

9. Earth and stars
So it looks like the Milky Way, where it does not obstruct the light of night cities. Quoting Dr. McCoy from the "Star Trek": In this galaxy is a mathematical probability of the existence of three million Earth-type planets. But in the universe three million million galaxies like this one. And they may have one version of ourselves ».

10. Night clouds above the Long Beach, California
Great place - Long Beach. A place where you can find the "Queen Mary" and "Aquarium of the Pacific." But the best thing is to go for a walk by the sea, where you can watch gray whales. During migration, they swim right up to shore.

11 UK and Ireland at night
Homeland authors of "Romeo and Juliet" (Shakespeare), "Pride and Prejudice" (Austin), "Dracula" (Stocker) and "Harry Potter" (JK Rowling). British Isles, look forward to a stellar wedding, just amazing.

12. Starting the Automated Transfer Vehicle
Company «Arianespace» and ESA launched the interorbital unit on the ISS. Perhaps the great rise so high and see so far. I wonder how far they were from each other?

13. The solar panels of the ISS
The solar panels of the ISS just magical. When the sun disappears behind the horizon, the last sunlight paints the panel in amazing colors.

14. French Riviera at night
Côte d'Azur is not only super-expensive and super-popular, but also super-karsivy. A reflection of the moon in the Mediterranean Sea only enhances this beauty. Perhaps this is the only place that can be compared with the south of California.

15. The bright lights of the night of Barcelona.

16. Supermoon
March 19 earthlings could watch Supermoon - when the moon is closest closer to our planet. The moon, photographed from the ISS, just beautiful, and in this picture looks even a little scary.

17. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, which the locals call simply Cape - Cape Island and in eastern Massachusetts. The reflection of the sun turns the Atlantic Ocean in gold, highlighting an amazing cape.

18. Moscow night
The city with 11 million inhabitants, Moscow is not only the capital of Russia, but also the center of European culture. The Russians - people are passionate, proud, intelligent and sexy, but at the same time, intelligent, sophisticated and with a good sense of humor. And in this picture we see the heart of the superpower. My heart is just fine.

19. Sunset over West Africa
This image can be confusing. We see a great last glimmer of sunset. However, on the horizon, bright light. From this vantage point it seems that there are two sources of light. But the sun, then we have one.

20. Sicily, Italy
Sicily called the birthplace of the mafia in films "The Godfather." But in fact it is a beautiful and magical island full of passionate people who love music and food, and some of them safely live in the shadow of Mount Etna. In this picture is not clear, which is reflected from the Mediterranean Sea - sunlight or moonlight. In any case, the picture amazing.

21. Lake Qadisiyah
On the Euphrates River, because of a dam formed Hadithi. From space it looks like a Chinese dragon, ready to rush to the attack. In Iraq, many beautiful places, access to which is unfortunately closed due to the ongoing conflict and war. Perhaps someday we will be able to go there and to other historic sites.

22. Atoll in the shape of a heart to the east of the Solomon Islands
This atoll is particularly fond of the astronauts on the ISS. This picture they sent on Valentine's Day. Atoll - a coral island, covering the lagoon partially or completely. If you look closely, you can see that the atoll - it really is the tip of an old volcano.

23. Glacier San Quintin, Chile
San Quintin Glacier - the largest glacier in Chile. Like many glaciers around the world in the 20th century, it began to lose weight and gradually decrease in size. The natural course of things, or the consequences of human actions? It is not necessary to think about it, better to just enjoy the beauty of the magical glacier.

24. Crete, Greece and Turkey
Excellent clear picture of Hellas (Greece), Turkey and the amazing island of Crete. Crete has a rich mythology associated primarily with the Greek gods, as well as the Minoan civilization. Crete - the birthplace of the god Zeus in Greek mythology. There is also the famous labyrinth of Knossos.

25. River Nile
Neil - amazing river in North Africa - the longest river in the world (6650 km). Below the picture you can see the place where the Blue Nile merges with the White Nile. (NASA / ESA)

26. Buenos Aires, Argentina, La Plata
La Plata - the estuary formed by the confluence of the Parana and Uruguay on the border of Argentina and Uruguay. Photos like a painting with a silver vein leading from the big heart on the left. It is an exotic place, almost alien.

27. Cyclone Diana at Mesereau-east coast of Australia
In meteorology, a cyclone - an area closed circular motion, rotating in the same direction as the Earth. We have already seen pictures of cyclones and hurricanes, but if you look at this picture you can see the planet below. Take a look at the center of the "eyes." Blue thread, but it's fine.

28. Desert Somalia
Beautiful red "coral" north of Bakaadveyn, west of Kalabadhlmag. It was as if the earth itself is bleeding. Amazing picture.

29. The National Park Chaco, Paraguay
Chaco - a plain area of ​​approximately one million square kilometers It captures part of Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Clouds on the edges turn the planet in the lower scales a huge lizard. Maybe somewhere out there lurking Godzilla?

30. The National Park Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina
Lake Argentino in the province of Santa Cruz Patagonia. It is the largest lake in the area of ​​1466 square kilometers Argentina But if you look carefully, you can see the contours of the body. As if someone had fallen from the sky and left a dent.

31. Santiago, Cape Verde
Cape Verde - an archipelago of 10 islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 570 km off the coast of West Africa. Even despite the fact that the name is the word "green" seems to be a place a little dryly. Santiago - the largest island of the archipelago, in the south-east it is a bit flat. Transcontinental slave trade made Cidade Velha the second richest town in the Portuguese kingdom.

32. The Dead Sea, Israel
Dead Sea Salt is also called - is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east, with Israel and the West Bank of the Jordan River in the west. Its surface and shores are located at an altitude of 423 meters below sea level, is the lowest place on land on Earth. Swim is difficult, but you can just lie down on the water.

33. Rio Sao Francisco, Brazil
The colors and shapes of the river and fields create a wonderful and unexpected composition. As if the picture painted by the hand of the Lord.

34. Reflection of sunset in the Caspian Sea
The Caspian Sea - the largest enclosed body of water on Earth by area (371,000 square kilometers). We finish this issue of this beautiful image. Our planet - real gold. Honor and protect it, because it is our only home.


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