Now Privat24 LiqPay and cash checks Google Adsense for 21 days

Be vigilant webmaster gentlemen! This week 10.12.2012 Privatbank close the service quick check cashing Google Adsense.

Those who filled an application from the old model and already sent a check - will be asked to fill out a new application. Where are asked to accept the agreement under the rules.

Fixed Regulations. That the service is now going on for at least 21 days modestly silent. Remember that what used to be 3 days - it was written clearly.

Cause apparent degradation of service is called - "prohibition of NBU on the advance payment checks».

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reports a reduction in the list of currency transactions with investment accounts, in connection with the entry into force of the law "On amending some laws of Ukraine to overcome the negative effects of the financial crisis." In a telegram to the National Bank on December 10, states that the regulations concerning the order of the NBU foreign investment in Ukraine are valid only in the part that does not contradict the above-mentioned law.

As reported, the law "On amending some laws of Ukraine to overcome the negative effects of the financial crisis," provided that foreign investors engaged in investment activity in the form of money solely through investment accounts, which must be opened in authorized banks of Ukraine. In addition, it is envisaged that the transfer of money from such accounts in order to invest in the territory of Ukraine shall be made exclusively in local currency. It also introduces a regime of mandatory registration of foreign investments, according to the order, which shall establish the National Bank.

In this regard, the National Bank explained that temporarily from the list of permitted transactions in foreign currency transactions are eliminated investment account for the purpose of investment (reinvestment) in Ukraine, as well as the transfer of currency for their own deposit account of the investor, which is open at one of the banks in Ukraine. < br />
National Bank also explained that the return of foreign investment as well as income, profits and other funds received by foreign investors from investment activity in Ukraine, can be accessed from the resident's account - as the investment account, and directly to the foreign investor, open a foreign bank (without the use of an investment account). On state registration of foreign investments in the form of currency values ​​(norm is provided above the law), the National Bank said that currently is working on the relevant regulatory act.
Ostensibly to prevent the negative effects of the crisis. All for the good of gossudarstva.

But tell me what good is that people get the money later rather than earlier and later injected into the economy of Ukraine?

What good is essential to the success that is killed by express service Privat cashing checks? (It is now the webmaster will seek other channels cashing and slightly more than almost all of them are in the shadows ...)

In general, the farther away the more I see that despite the brave statements by top officials of the government of Yanukovych pokraschni vzhe at a time - I can see that in fact their reform clumsy and destroying the middle class - those harmful for Ukraine.

Putting version Privat went to such an unpopular step: h5>
  • The ban NBU
  • A large number of defaults on checks
  • The desire to plant even more people to the credit Cards ul>


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