New Year's salad "watch"

What you need to prepare salad "watch»
5 potatoes,
2 carrots,
1 apple,
6 eggs,
2 pickles,
1 bulb onion,
Green peas,
1 marinated red peppers,
Salt, mayonnaise.
How to cook a Christmas salad:
Peel carrots and potatoes. Cook in a steamer or vegetables in a small amount of water in the salt pan under the lid. Cooked vegetables on a plate, so that they are cool at room temperature. Remove from the jar pickles and cut them into cubes. It should also cut carrots and potatoes. Put all the chopped vegetables in a salad bowl and add the peas without brine. Apple peel, remove the core and grate. Add a salad bowl. A little salt, mayonnaise and level the surface with a spoon. It is important that the salad bowl in which you will spread the salad was a flat-bottomed cylindrical shape. Now turn the salad bowl with tightly packed salad on a flat plate.
Cook eggs. Once the water is boiling, the eggs should be cooked for 10 minutes, then they cooked hard boiled. Boiled eggs need to cool under running cold water and clean from the shell. Cut each egg lengthwise into two halves and remove the yolks. Grind yolks on a fine grater or rub through a sieve. Proteins spread in a circle so that the rounded side of the top. In the center of shredded lettuce pour the egg yolks.
Red pepper cut arrows of our watches. More hours and a long, thin minute. Just cut out the strips of pepper from Roman numerals. To all the beauty you have not fallen off, pre-lubricated surfaces egg mayonnaise, it will act as a glue. Place the hands on the clock so that it was five minutes to twelve.
Tasty and beautiful Christmas salad is ready!
Merry your holiday!


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