Chicken breast baked in cream cheese


Chicken fillet
2 cloves of garlic, which is desirable to cut into small pieces.
3-4 tablespoons frayed canned tomatoes
Half a lemon.
100 g of cream fat content of not less than 20 percent
2-3 small potatoes for garnish
100 g of any cheese
Tablespoons vegetable oil
One medium onion
A little salt and black pepper


1. Washed and peeled skins breast shpiguem two or three chopped garlic cloves, a little rub on all sides with salt and pepper lightly.
2. For baking breasts in the oven is better to choose the dishes with high sides - pan or soteynik.Nizhe you'll understand why. Dishes grease inside some rast.maslom, laid in her breast, and the free space fall asleep minced onion
3. Pour 150 grams of cream fat content of not less than 20 percent so little cream covered with onions.
4. Since we are talking about the range of flavors that hypothetically should be fed with our breast, squeeze half a lemon into cream (cream fat content of 20 percent or higher this procedure is transferred easily).
5. Aesthetics in our case, too, the thing does not last. Therefore, for the sake of it, and for the sake of enriching the same taste, add (without mixing with cream) three to four tablespoons of grated canned tomatoes. Those who do not like tomatoes, easy to do without them.
6. This number of potatoes cut into slices and put circles so as to leave intact tomato "islands". This is our breasts to garnish: potatoes baked in cream, mix well with a bird.
7. Season with salt, pepper to vkusu.A -postavit dishes in a preheated oven of 200 g, and on reshetku.Chut below average. Bake breast will be approximately 30 minutes 30min.Cherez Grate cheese dishes pull out of the oven and generously sprinkle with cheese dish our
8. Cheese and in this case will act as plugs which absorbed grudok.Zapekaem juice for approximately 15 minutes, during which the cheese is usually becomes golden. Juicy and tender dish is ready!


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