Cauliflower Gratin

Cauliflower - 1 medium head
Eggs - 3 pcs
Breadcrumbs - 150 g
Vegetable oil - 60 ml

Disassemble the head of cauliflower into individual florets. Rinse under cold water. Place the cabbage in a large saucepan and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of salt. Pour in water, that it covers the cabbage. Close the lid and place the pot to cook (bring to a boil) over medium heat (about 15 minutes), but do not overcook that cabbage is not falling apart. When the cabbage is cooked, drain the water. In a large frying pan, pour vegetable oil and heat over medium heat.
In a bowl, whisk the eggs, adding a little salt. In another bowl, sprinkle breadcrumbs. Take one inflorescence obmoknite in eggs, then - in the breadcrumbs. To do so with all the cabbage. Fry the breaded cauliflower on both sides until golden brown.


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