22 ways to cook Brussels sprouts, so that you will love this vegetable!

If you hate brussels sprouts, this article is definitely for you. We dare you to show recipes that will change your view of things - it turns out from this cabbage can be cooked perfectly delicious! The most important thing - the right mix of ingredients and spices, and even hated cabbage get a masterpiece! It does not smell very nice when it cook but grilled, stewed cabbage, brussels sprouts in a salad - it's delicious. To show their creative nature and create one of these examples of wonderful dishes. Maybe you're inspired, and come up with something of their own ...

1. roasted brussels sprouts with bacon on skewers.

2. cabbage, beans and fried with garlic sauce.

3. Small sandwiches with Brussels sprouts, white sauce and cheese.

4. Closed sandwich grilled with cabbage, onion and cheese.

5. Omelette with Brussels sprouts and bacon.

6. Pizza with zucchini, cabbage and cheese "Philadelphia┬╗.

7. Baked potato with cabbage and herbs.

8. Putanesku Pasta with cabbage and parmesan.

9. Scrambled eggs on a bed of stewed vegetables and cabbage, of course.

10. Roasted brussels sprouts with herbs, seeds, and soy sauce.

11. Millet porridge with Brussels sprouts, parsley, cilantro and almond flakes.

12. Fresh salad of Brussels sprouts, greens, oranges and beans.

13. Brussels sprouts with onions, olive oil, garlic and vinegar sauce seovym.

14. Meat, stewed in a pot with beer and brussels sprouts.

15. Traditional Salad "Caesar" with Brussels sprouts.

16. Brussels sprouts with onions and beans in wine sauce.

17. Cabbage baked with spices in sour cream.

18. Brussels sprouts with bacon, avocado and lime.

19. Brussels sprouts salad with feta cheese.

20. Steak with a side dish of brussels sprouts.

21. Brussels sprouts with mushrooms in white sauce.

22. Brussels sprouts with chicken and pesto.

Even such seemingly unappetizing vegetable in the right hands turns into a delicious, flavorful dish! Brussels sprouts are very useful, now you know how to instill love for her children and her home. Try these recipes, it's delicious! Any vegetables will be well suited to the cabbage, you can come up with countless variations.

Regales his friends only the most delicious food, prepared with inspiration. Even Brussels sprouts deserves universal love, send these wonderful recipes to friends!

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