"20 habits of successful people, I've learned by working on two billionaires."

Education is crucial to build your life. All that you know what I learned, and what forms you, how will your life path. It is important to use not only his personal experience in many areas, but also rely on the knowledge of people who have achieved success. Successful people whose state millions, know how to climb to the top of the world. They generously share this secret knowledge with you. Read what life habits will help you to become financially independent, held a man in every sense. Let these tips will help you!

1. Invests in its development
Time and money - two main resources that you have. Spend them to good use, to invest money and effort in its development - intellectual, physical, spiritual. It will pay off handsomely.

2. Be curious
Inquisitive mind - a very great value. As a child, all howcast, but with age, this quality is erased. Do not cease to learn new things, interested in everything, curiosity - the key to knowledge, which may become a turning point in your life. And live, still surprised the world, is much more interesting!

3. Tyanis to people who are better than you
Your environment shapes you - as a person and as proffecsionala. Tyanis to those who know more, who get to do something better. It's a chance to grow.

4. Never eat alone
In other words - often dined with interesting and useful to you people. During the meal, you can share with each other the different information that can be very useful for you. Do not miss such a good chance to socialize!

5. Bring liable for their losses
To admit their defeat. If you're suffering losses - find a way to fix it, to correct any errors. Only you are responsible for what happens in your life, admit it, and you can change any situation.

6. Use someone else's investment
All successful people use a foreign capital for their projects - they are usually successful in one narrow area, but are able to organize other people to do the rest. Now there are many organizations and individuals that can provide you money for the realization of something worthwhile, why not try it if you have a good idea?

7. No weekend (seriously!)
Your business, your project - part of your life, a part of you. Of course, you need a vacation, but you can perfectly combine business meetings with relaxation and considering plans for work in the countryside. The results of such an attitude to their work will not make you wait long.

8. Help others
Most of the money we spend on fun and toys, the more money you have - the more expensive these toys. Do not forget that wealth - is not all there is in life. Do not forget to be grateful, it helps with the case of someone if you can - this is your prosperity will only intensify.

9. The risk!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Not risking the only time many millionaires today would not be who we are. Do not be afraid.

10. A good team
In any case is important teamwork, people who share your views, which work efficiently, on which you can rely. Gathers only those who will help you develop your business, interested and active people.

11. Simple ideas - this is a godsend
All ambitious project starts with the simplest of ideas, always remember that.

12. Know how to wait and react quickly
Find a balance between impatience and patience weighted. Sometimes you have to wait patiently, when it comes to long-term goals. Proy, it is necessary to make a decision and lightning delay could cost you dearly. Try to act on the situation.

13. Be cool
Do not let anything get in the way to your goal - to go forward mercilessly. Successful people are tenacious, they are able to refuse, they are not easily confused. Without these qualities you will not reach the heights of this embittered world.

14. Develop your speaking skills!
The louder you speak, the more likely that people will support your ideas. Learn to clear, beautiful, interesting shape their thoughts and communicate them to the audience - this will increase your chances of success at times.

15. Whether thick skin
As soon as you get closer to success, you will immediately envious and detractors. Ignore them, do not let yourself bring down the criticism, pressure, emotional attacks. Whether in armor created from self-confidence and faith in goodness.

16. Talk to different people
People from different social groups, different ages and ethnicity can give you much more than a small circle of people of your caliber. Communicate, Share their experiences, observe the world - the multifaceted man, so he had a better chance to realize himself fully.

17. Repeat
To influence people, you need to repeat what you say. Recite what has been said in other words, watch out for millionaires - they always do. Now the world is so much different information, but repetition helps the human consciousness highlight important points of this bubbling flow of information.

18. Learn to laugh at yourself
If you can laugh at yourself - you can forgive yourself. If you can forgive yourself - so you know how to forgive others! Humor is essential for success in any field of life. Hold on to those who have a good sense of humor and to develop it in yourself.

19. Be good at one thing
Do not spray - Find what you really good at it, and improve it. One way to achieve success is much more real.

20. Cultivate your spirituality
Without spirituality, whatever you're doing - the dust. Do not forget that our material world - a shell of something bigger. It does not matter what you believe, here everyone chooses for himself. But to grow spiritually is to everyone - to know oneself, to do good, to live, knowing what you're doing and what you are going. If your spirituality come from greedy, I am sure that everything else is also instantly collapse.

Listen to this wise counsel, they can direct you on the path to success. Each has his own, but these guidelines will be useful to you, whatever you did not do and what not sought. They are versatile and work properly, you have a chance to check it out on their own experience.

Tell your friends what habits will lead them to success - is to share this knowledge.

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