Layered salad

-pechen chicken or veal (boiled
) -350gr
-ogurchiki pickled - 1 bank
-yaytsa - 4-5 pcs.
-morkov - 4 medium
-luk - 4 medium head
butyric frying

 - Veal liver decoction, then grate, chicken softer it can be cut into small strips (I have chicken livers grated on a coarse grater)

-ogurchiki cut into small cubes

-morkov boil and grate

-luk cut into small cubes and fry in a pan with oil until golden brown

-yaytsa boil, proteins separated from the yolks, whites Grate

-zheltki leave for decoration

stacked layers in the following order:

-pechen 1/2 portions, fluff with mayonnaise
 - Fried onion 1/2 servings
-ogurchiki marinated 1/2 servings
-morkov, fluff with mayonnaise
-proteins, fluff with mayonnaise
-ostavshayasya liver, onions, pickles and mayonnaise fluff densely
-sverhu sprinkle yolk, grated on a fine grater
Bon Appetite !!!


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