"I have a horse, I and the bull" ... or not at all pleasant, but very current!

Speaking of this, a harmonious relationship in the minds of the majority emerges this associative array is ... mutual respect, understanding, tenderness and love. Draw a colorful picture, such as a strong and courageous man, and next to gentle and loving woman. A man in a pair plays the role of breadwinner, the woman - homemakers. But is it really and how often in life can be found is the true situation?

In reality, the native-natural distribution of roles in the male - "to extract a mammoth" and women - "keep hearth and equip life" now increasingly attributed to the number of human stereotypes. And indeed, what could be there ... in the era of "gender evolution", the main function of men - earn money - slowly but surely migrates into the delicate female handle than the fairer sex are very proud of, as a man and not really resist. That's just the pride of any female or male pleasure this is completely out of place, because the power flowing into the delicate female hand with money from somewhere after all taken, right? Do not guess who you borrow it for free, women? That's right, men! So think about what you leave them? With their natural strength, or perhaps all the same ... with the weakness?

I do not agree, of course. Then the show, so to speak, on his fingers ... Do not you whether more and more is now possible to hear "Why do I need a man, I can do everything myself ... ?!" And it is logical, if you do, and "creating life" and " Mammoth pricks ", then the hell if I ask you a man? After all, as a consequence of all this, you have a perfectly logical in the absence of any need for a strong field. "Well, maybe just for fun ...?" - You answer yourself this question. You feel what is such a role reversal?

I do not feel ... then go on, go a little further. In a world subject to the laws of conservation of energy. In other words, where the decreasing - there comes. And in a harmonious pair, this energy is distributed evenly. The strength of a man is shown in his ability to care for and protect, and the power of women is, as you know, in her weakness, namely ... tenderness, understanding, gentleness and, of course, love. In general, in all that is called feminine weakness. When a woman walks into male territory, taking the men's rules of the game behind the scenes, she is without realizing it incurs and of the male power ... for the equilibrium in the presence of male territory. After all, in order to be able to and "stop a galloping horse" and "enter into a burning house" is needed, they say, not dyuzhaya strength and energy. Here you will learn from it and men, in particular, those who are nearby, that is ... from their own!

No, of course, the remaining power is enough for him "to lie on the couch with a bottle of beer and eager to cheer for the national team", but for some decisive productive actions anymore. But he still remains, if you are away from home on the eve of the meeting of the working day earlier and earlier, leaving him hastily cooked in a microwave ready meal ?! You think your attractive in the eyes of your independence, able to outshine such a deplorable situation in the kitchen?
So begins his discontent and your response. All ... boat gave a leak. Yes, I understand that I gave an example of the elementary (but, unfortunately, no less-to-date) and the situations are very different, but ... the fact remains that its manifestations, regardless bright woman man RELAX!

And if you remember that you, first of all, a woman ... FEMALE-TO-CABBAGE SOUP! And to return a significant portion of the natural strength to its rightful place, namely, man. Indeed, shifting the masculine function of making money, simply Woman robs man of her. Only by returning to them their natural role, the role of breadwinner, you return it to them myself. Because without her man is not able to make any more or less significant feat to achieve any more or less serious purpose, and even conquer the world, to which he, in general, very capable, and even more so ... The woman, getting rid of such serious and responsible functions, release their natural strength ... that which is under pressure from alien and artificially borrowed was pressed down and the banal is forgotten unnecessary.

Yeah, man, first, all interesting female personality. But that would be a person does not necessarily 9 hours a day (and this is the best) "nail down the grandmother," and then "like mad" to fly to the training courses, and even after all this time, and to give the family. What kind of inspiration and precious energy filling his men are we talking about ... ?!

Making money - it is a purely male function. And the woman has to be a favorite thing. That case, and not the work or duty. The case, which it is doing to have fun and develop. The case, which it will do if she wants, but not at the expense of a freshly prepared lunch or lovingly ironed a shirt for him. And it does not matter what kind of business it is - on embroidery hoop or a small nail salon - most importantly, that it will inspire and fill it. And it's great if this thing will bring joy not only to her but also the income that, as you know, is not a mandatory part of the program ...


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