This five-minute test will tell you that the subconscious is hiding from you

Tired of the hustle and bustle, the routine and monotony? Want to cheer up the brain, relax, dream, discover what hides your subconscious? The site offers a five-minute game based on the ability to dream!

Imagine a desert, so great, as you can imagine. In this desert is cu ...

Objective 1 h2> Your first task is to describe the cube. What it looks like? How big it is? What made this cube? Where is it? There are no right answers, only your own thoughts. Take a moment before continuing - details are very important.

Task 2 h2> So, you're in the desert, you can see the cube as you notice that there is a ladder. Your second task (there are five), to describe the ladder. What is it made of? How long? Where is the respect to the cube?

Task 3 h2> Now imagine that there is a horse in the desert. Your third task: to describe a horse. Most importantly, how far away from your horse, what it does? In what direction? How it looks?

Objective 4 h2> A little patience, we're almost there. Next, imagine that in the desert, right at your feet, you see a lot of colors. Your penultimate task: to describe these flowers. How many are there? Where do they grow? How to look like? Where are they located in relation to the horse, cube, stairs and sand?

Objective 5 h2> And the final question. In the desert, where you are - a thunderstorm. Describe it. Which is kind of a thunderstorm? A strong wind there? Raises whether the sand? It is close to you or far away? In what direction from you? Does the storm, in any way, on a horse, flowers, a cube or a ladder?

If you're playing the game honestly, the responses will amuse you. Do not take things too seriously. But I must warn you, the next part will ruin your dream to play this game ever again. If you are not ready to learn that it hides your subconscious mind, I advise to stop right now.

So let's look now what are these characters:

1. Cube - is your ego h2> The size of the cube your own self: big cube means that you are pretty confident person , which is able to build your business, be a good leader, and if you want to make a toast on holiday, you will be happy to demonstrate their speaking skills.

If your cube is small, it is likely you shy and modest man. You are shy, and hardly like that would have drawn attention to the noisy party, and if you offer a toast, then There are many reasons to give up, and soon to retire. But you should not be so afraid of a speech, and in general to be seen at a party, because it is very likely that if you and invite you to come on holiday, what you it just does not go.

Accomodation cube with respect to earth is, how much you are serious about life. Relies on the sand? You probably very down to earth and realistic man. Hanging in the sky? You are more likely, easy-going, flying in the clouds optimist.

Material transfers cube as you open: translucent cube symbolizes the open and honest people, transparent cube - you're probably hiding something or do not want to be the object of discussion. Lights? You are positive and cheerful person who seeks to cheer up everyone around. Made of granite? You will probably aim for protection from external negative factors and strength in dealing with people. The trick is that when you are asked to describe an empty, abstract entity - a cube - your imagination will tend to project their own identity in relation to the cube. This example is as old as life, but in this case it It shows the most interesting part, more familiar and comprehensible to you.

2. Stairs - is your friends h2> Think like a staircase towards the cube. She relies on him or not? If supported, then you know that your friends and family can always rely on you and count on your help. If not, and it lies close to the sand, so you rarely ask for help from loved ones, because they themselves are not willing to offer it. Ladder reliable or old and broken in? Long or short? Wide or narrow? Knowing the answer to the question, which means ladder now you are able to make their own conclusions about you and your friends. But do not be too serious, and do not be discouraged if your imagination drew not quite "right" way, do not forget that in this test, everything is relative.

3. The horse - your partner h2> View horses can tell a lot about what you crave to see in your partner. Some people see a stable, brown, workhorse, another beautiful, brilliant Pegasus and a unicorn. What is your partner in your submission in relation to the horse?

Your horse rubs against the cube of its mane, or want to pinch his corner? Chances are you with your chosen warm and trusting relationship. The horse is far from the cube or goes away from him? You probably do not believe in your partner, or you think that he is not being honest with you.

4. Flowers - are your kids h2> The number of colors is how many children you have or want to see next to each other. Some people see only one dried chamomile; others are bright, blooming garden, under a shroud and the cube and the desert (make sure that kids do not sit around your neck).

The color and vitality of color can tell about their health and prosperity. Location of flowers - especially with respect to the cube - can show you from the rather interesting relationship you and your children. I once conducted a test for women, whose horse was eating these same flowers.

5. The storm - it is your fear h2> The storm represents a threat and your concerns about you and your life. This indicates the current status of a person, and how he perceives the possibility of the presence of risk in their lives. Some see the storm far to the horizon, vanishing from sight. Others see themselves in the midst of the apocalypse thunder, hail the size of a tennis ball falling on the cube and on the poor horse. Most likely, these people have accumulated grievances, emotional trauma, which may interfere with life.

Take this test with ease, and do not forget that this is just a game. This test is not a serious scientific psychological research that is taken seriously. However, I think you have much to ponder.

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