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In Chicago, lives fattest child in the world, it weighs 222 kilograms, her age - 7 years.
The girl could not independently do almost anything, helped her mother Caroline Shu DGSPW, which raskormila girl.
For children her age normal amount of calories obtained daily, should be around 1800. Jessica received about 10,000 calories per day, which exceeds the rate of more than five times. When her mother asked, "How could bring their child to such a state?", She replied: "I just was not able to refuse her. She rolled her terrible tantrums and tears, asked for more. And I could not sit back and watch how my child is suffering, so she was on about, and buy everything that she asked ยป.

In 3 years, Jessica weighed as much as 77 kg in 4 years her weight has reached the 100 kg in 7 years - more than 220 kg. In truth, these figures simply do not fit in the head. With age, she developed problems with movement, it was difficult to speak, and in some cases the mother needed help. After a series of television reports about Jessica, which shocked the world, it was decided to put the girl to the hospital, where she was forbidden to eat all the flour, fat and fried, and forced to do physical exercises.

Treatment gave the result: a half later, she lost weight by 140 kg! Now the girl had to move some operations to remove excess skin. When it was the 10 th birthday, Jessica looked quite differently - as a normal healthy girl. She started to go to a regular school and interact with their peers, as any child her age.

The whole world is constantly monitoring the fate of an unusual girl, and rejoices with her on her every success. But still, no matter what turn is not accepted her fate, Jessica Leonard went down in history as the fattest child in the world.

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