Cake "Mishutka"!

1 can of condensed milk, 350 gr.
300 gr. sour cream,
1 tsp soda,
3 eggs,
2 stol.l. cocoa.
300 gr. flour.
1.Sguschёnka + eggs, sour cream, beat well and muka.Razdelit + soda into 2 equal chasti.V one to add cocoa.
2.Ispech 2 cakes, ostudit.Akkuratno knife cut into 2 parts.
200 gr. drain. oil,
1 can of condensed milk (var.),
a pinch of vanilla.
Beat well.
3.Korzhi soak, brush kremom.Slozhit cake, smear with cream edges too.
1 stol.l. cocoa,
1 stol.l. sour cream,
1 stol.l. cocoa.
All combine and bring to a boil, cool slightly.
4.Tort grease glaze, sprinkle with crumbs (from cookies).
5.Postavit in the x-k, soak.
Bon Appetite !!!


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