Yeast dough oparnoe GOST

Wheat Flour or 1st grade 640 gr
Sugar - / 46 c **
Margarine table - / 69 c **
Melange (or egg) - / 69 c **
Salt (sea) - / 8 c **
Compressed yeast 23 g * / - Water 170 g * (I love the dough is very thick, the water used Gr 310 and get a perfect dough)
Exit 1000 gr
* Opara
** Dough
Poured into a vessel preheated to a temperature of + 35-40TS water (60-70% of the total) is added razvedennyyu yeast in water, add flour (35-60%) and stirred until a homogeneous mixture (5 minutes). Cover and put in a draft-free room at 2, 5 - 3 hours for fermentation. When Opara increase in volume 2 - 2, 5 times and begin to fall, it added the remaining water with dissolved salt and sugar, eggs or egg products, then all mixed, add the remaining flour and knead the dough. Before the end of kneading add the melted margarine (or vegetable oil). Total time 10 minutes of mixing.
Capacity is covered and allowed to stand for 2 -2 5 hours for fermentation.

A well vymeshennogo test has two notable features. It runs fine and it bubbles when it is rounded into a ball, putting in a pot to ferment.

The dough has risen very good! Bake with pleasure!


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