Mimosa salad"


1. Once you have cooked, cool and peel the eggs, take a small grater and rub proteins, after taking a deep and beautiful plate with a flat bottom and lay the first layer of proteins.

2. 2nd layer - grated, too, on a fine grater, cheese.

3. Put the next layer of half a tin of canned food, which before this thoroughly mash with a fork.

4. It's time for the mayonnaise - well smazhem them our layers. Now we come to the onions. Him we cut, and after scalding, to not bitter.

5. 4th layer evenly distributed over the mayonnaise.

6. 5th sloy.Vooruzhaemsya has cooled potatoes and three on a fine grater. Now, put it on top of the onions

7. 6th layer composed of the remaining fish, which we also previously well mash fork. Mayonnaise.


1. Now is the time for a bit of half-forgotten yolks. They, rubbed on a fine grater and greens we decorate our salad. Sprinkle on top.
2. Allow the infusion of dressing cool 2 hours.


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