As the wife of her husband to inspire spiritual development if it focused on the material?

When a woman is trying to encourage the spiritual development of man, it must take into account the three basic qualities of his mind. The first - a man likes to be taken for what it is. In this case - "I accept that you are completely materialist».

The second - a man must feel that he needed. "I would be very happy to, and you are engaged in spiritual practice." And the third - a man must feel that he is free. Ie woman ready to wait. If you enclose it in prominent places books and tables, invite people to the house, which should make it brainwashing, he already feels the pressure. A man standing a little to feel that he is not free, it blocks this preaching work at all.

I know that the woman is very difficult to keep all three components. If a woman says, "You are absolutely free, stay materialist, the failure of you to hell!", Then the man will degrade because he feels he does not need. He was given the freedom, but at the same time took the "need". This spiritual practice with her husband, who is busy material is as follows. Woman goes and says: "My husband - amazing spiritual man.

He is so spiritual that cares about my spirituality than about their own. Due to the fact that he takes care of me and support, gives me the opportunity to attend lectures, buy CDs, go to the various retreats, he has absolutely no time to engage in spiritual practice. He donates all the time out to address the material needs of the family. I have a very spiritual husband, but here's one problem - he does not know & quot ;.

Manifestation of spirituality is that man himself is committed to self-awareness and development. This is - a sign of spirituality. But a much higher level of spirituality is a situation where people care about other people to progress spiritually.

Therefore, the correct perception of men, the right attitude is: "He is free not to engage in spiritual practice. I will not strongly insist on this, because I'm happy with the way this person is already engaged in spiritual practice - it helps me deal with it. Still, I would be even happier if he somehow also tasted this spiritual happiness that I feel. "

The most important thing in the behavior of women - is no pressure, no gain. Because the person who engaged in the initial stages of the spiritual, very much wants to surround himself with a comfortable spiritual environment to his spiritual practice has become easier. Any vegetarian pleasant to live with vegetarians than people who fried burgers every day in the kitchen.

So we want to do all vegetarians to live comfortably. In fact, it's just a selfish desire. Ie "I want to ease yourself a spiritual practice, so I want to quickly convert all relatives, friends, husband in their faith, in their tradition, because it is very difficult, I can not bear to move, feeling the resistance of others." It is our self-interest.

If we get rid of it, then we reserve our right to know to make their choice. But many women are afraid to talk about their desire - to develop together with her husband spiritually. The woman herself is moving in spiritual practice and feels that the gap between husband and it is increasingly growing. Why is this happening? Because her husband does not feel it necessary. He feels that his wife had other authorities that she lectures of some of lecturer days and nights listening.

He does not feel it necessary - this is the main cause of depression and loss of enthusiasm for spiritual activity in men. And if so spoil his impression of spiritual development, then bring it back to it, to scare away one day, it will be much harder.

Spiritual practice men begins when a woman is already beginning to consider him a very spiritual person and refers to him as a very spiritual person. She comes up with a legend - as he makes his spirituality. Every woman has a fantasy for this.
Ruslan Narushevich


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