"What do I do ???" - this is the most frequent question asked to me a woman when something happens in their lives.

You asked yourself sometime this question? Perhaps you were the circumstances in your life when you were ready to do anything to restore relations, to solve a situation ... and in a panic begins to try something, and this is to contact different people ???

And have you tried to calm down?

The Vedas say that the strength of women in peace, that woman - is the one that wins without war.

Why so? Power of the mind of women is 6 times stronger than men, the mood she brings to all the surrounding space, creates an atmosphere. If a woman is constantly winds, nervous, shaking, panic - it's all very quickly spreads in the air and begins to materialize.

If you miss her husband from work, the woman begins to wind, he had an accident or a mistress, then she creates the script and makes the universe to arrange all the necessary way.

Every mother knows that if the child has fallen the first thing he looks at the reaction of my mother, if the mother is shocked and scared - it takes over and the child begins to cry.

A woman can come up with the disease itself and really sick to her - because it works our women's strong mind (note: not the mind).

But when a woman's mind is calm, it can make amazing things.

Power of your mind and piety it can prevent serious situation. If a woman is calm and is in the right mood pious - her husband will never be able to change it, even if he wants to. Situation will develop in such a way that it does not work. The child, who is mom correctly meditates in the fall will get a bruise, though karma had to break his arm ...

Of what consists this tranquility?

First of mind comes from faith in God when a woman believes and feels that the Lord surrounds her in every moment and he is sure to protect her and take care of her.

Second from the right pure communication, when a woman is surrounded by people who want it good and good. Then it calms the mind, she set a good relationship with all.

Thirdly from the correct lifestyle. If we eat foods violence (meat, fish, eggs), this violence goes into our mind calm and can not be. As well as the use of highly refined and canned foods aggravate mind. The purer the food - the calmer mind.

So if you want to find the strength of mind to the creation of the welfare of his family, think about God, because he is always there. Avoid contact with people from which there is only negative and clean your body - this is the temple of your spirit. Sudakova Julia.


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