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Who will know who it depicts and what is happening there.

One day in October 2004, a fire platoon fire zone 5 Winchester (in Los Angeles) resting fun playing beach volleyball. After returning to the police station, the two captain firefighter decided to play a trick on 51-year-old firefighter Negro Tenney Pearce (center photo, at the microphone), who boasted of his victory in the game and stated that he "Big Dog» («Big Dog» in sense champion) They slipped into his spaghetti dog food. Pierce became suspicious after the third bite, and when jokers laughing told what was happening, became very angry and left slamming the door, despite the apology. The brave firefighter found a good lawyer and sued the Los Angeles Fire Department, demanding compensation for racial discrimination. The court found bad joke discrimination and awarded him compensation of $ 2.7 million. Fire Department of Los Angeles was forced to apply disciplinary sanctions against the hapless jokers and fined them 10,000 dollars. Those offended themselves sued the Fire Department, saying that they were subjected to racial discrimination on the fact of belonging to the white race. And this Court has recognized discrimination and awarded them compensation of $ 2.5 million. The case of the dog food cost the city of Los Angeles almost $ 6 million.



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